Woven Scarves: 26 Inspired Designs for the Rigid Heddle Loom

Woven Scarves: 26 Inspired Designs for the Rigid Heddle Loom

Jane Patrick, Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1620331195

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Explore and practice weaving techniques for fabulous scarves!

Woven Scarves offers a collection of twenty-six scarves and variations that range in difficulty from advanced beginner to very complex. In highly approachable ways, authors Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov introduce new weavers to a broad sampling of weaving techniques, exploring various ways of creating cloth on a rigid heddle loom. Weavers learn how to create lovely scarves that are creative, classic, and fun to make and wear. Using various weave structures, color, yarn combinations, and techniques such as felting and embellishment, the authors take you through the basics to a jumping-off point for personal exploration and creation.

Woven Scarves will support new weavers in their desire for appropriate patterns and better skills as well as a deeper understanding of fibers, types of weave techniques, and all the varieties of fabrics that are possible-even to beginners.

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yd (1 ball at 95 yd [87 m]/50 g). Trendsetter Dune (41% mohair, 29% nylon, 30% acrylic at 731 yd/lb [668 m/453 g]) in #113 Country Meadow (warp only): 47 yd (1 ball at 80 yd [73 m]/50 g). Trendsetter Geisha (64% acrylic, 14% polyamide, 12% wool, 10% polyester at 594 yd/lb [543 m/453 g]) in #5 Navy Blue/Earth (weft only): 80 yd (2 balls at 65 yd [543 m]/453 g). Warp length: 84" (213 cm), which includes 18" (45.5 cm) for loom waste and 12" (30 cm) for fringe—6" (15 cm) at each end. Total warp

Allow sufficient length in your front tie-on for a 10" (25.5 cm) fringe. Leaving a tail four times the weaving width for hemstitching and beginning with the heddle in the up position and the shuttle traveling from the right to the left, weave 3 picks and beat firmly to compact them together. Use the tail to hemstitch over 3 warp ends and 3 weft picks. Weave 9 picks of plain weave, then weave Spanish lace as follows: Step 1. On the next up shed, put the shuttle through the first 7 up threads,

the kinks (you may need to weight the skeins lightly to straighten the kinks). Begin with a sweater you no longer wear or get one from a thrift store. Pull on the yarn to ravel the sweater. Warping Using the direct peg method, follow the warping plan below. Warping Plan View a text version of this table Weaving Wind the recovered yarn onto the stick shuttle. Allow sufficient length in your front tie on for 8" (20 cm) of fringe and leaving a tail four times the

Ghiordes knot. A knot used to make pile. Also rya knot. heddle. On a rigid heddle loom, the device that holds the warp, determines the sett, and beats the weft into place. Also rigid heddle reed. hemstitching. A stitching technique used at the beginning or the end of weaving as a weft protector. May also be used to create pattern within a fabric. leno. A finger technique that twists warp yarns to create spaces in the fabric. loom. A frame that holds the warp taut for weaving. loom waste. Any

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