World Encyclopedia Of 20th Century Murder

World Encyclopedia Of 20th Century Murder

Jay Robert Nash

Language: English

Pages: 705

ISBN: 1557785066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented explosion of violent murder that has affected levels of society throughout the world and transformed what was once a distant threat into a constant reality, lurking around the corner, living down the block making everyone vulnerable to the unthinkable. World Encyclopedia of 20th Century Murder, an alphabetical excursion through the most celebrated and historically important murder cases in this century, seeks to explain the reasons behind these shocking and celebrated killings.

More than just a staggering chronicle of chilling events, this remarkable book by Edgar Award-winning author Jay Nash, is the definitive reference to modern worldwide murder.

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Andra andningen

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onto a it to come to a stop. She leaped into the auto which drove sidewalk, attempting to block her path, in an effort to get away. her into his Volkswagen, but she managed to avoid him . The gall of the killer knew no bounds. Even with a During these investigations, the remains of two young potential victim escaping and now able to identify him, the women were found, one in northern Washington who was young man tried to pick up a pretty, young French teacher identified as Carol

lawyer, found the name of Casella's attorney and hid in was a formality, Case pleaded innocent to manslaughter a phone booth outside the law office, with the doors and was released on bail. arranged to reflect the sun and keep him out of sight, until Later, at the request of Mrs. Rousseau, a grand jury refused to indict Case for manslaughter. Casella finally appeared and was arrested. He died in June 1939; his demise was withheld by relatives to avoid further publicity. Castalas, Louis,

the Brooksville Road Prison, designed for inmates unlikely to escape or pose a threat of danger. His escape came while he and four other prisoners, watched by an unarmed guard, were mowing the grass alongside the Vincent Ciucci, left, who murdered his family, is shown with lawyer at his 1954 trial. insurance money and marry another woman. road. Clark ignored the guard's commands to come back and fled into the woods. Ciucci remained in the burning apartment until the firemen arrived. He then

to her that she had killed him . Belvin, Paul Augustus, 1943- , Ber. Appealing to a killer's vanity, two Scotland Yard detectives invited him When Mary Bell was brought into police headquarters to be an amateur detective and help solve his own crime. for further questioning, she assumed a very adult posture, On July 4, 1971, at 4:30 a.m., the partly clothed body of insisting that she be allowed to contact a solicitor while Jean Burrows, a 24-year-old British journalist vacationing

Horace Faber that Thomas had been maintained his innocence. Police were seeking him for the missing from his home in Lydney since June 16 or 17. murder of Muriel Patience, who was shot and killed on Nov. Dennis Roberts, however, claimed to have seen Thomas 5, 1972. It took two trials before Ince was proven innocent alive on June 20. and a third before the true murderer was convicted. Brittle claimed he repaid Thomas the day he disappeared. Even with a strong witness supporting When Bob

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