Works of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns

Works of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns


Language: English

Pages: 230

ISBN: 0226329666

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Works of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, highly acclaimed poet and translator Daryl Hine brings new life to the words of Hesiod and the world of Archaic Greece. Unlike most available prose renderings of their works, Hine's illuminating translations present these classics as they originally appeared, in verse.

This volume includes Hesiod's Works and Days and Theogony, two of the oldest non-Homeric poems to survive. Works and Days is filled with cautionary tales and advice for managing harvests and maintaining a good work ethic. Theogony is the earliest comprehensive account of classical mythology—including the names and genealogies of the gods and monsters of Olympus, the sea, and the underworld. Hine captures Hesiod's gritty and persuasive voice, which provides a rare glimpse into the everyday life of ordinary people in the eighth century BCE.

In contrast, the Homeric Hymns depict aristocratic life in voices whose polished tones reveal little of the narrators' personalities. These hymns (so named because they address the deities in short invocations at the beginning and end of each) are among the earliest examples of  Greek epyllia, or short stories in the epic manner.

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vast subterranean chasms, I shall explain, as you ask me, and tell from beginning to end. As All of us girls were disporting ourselves in a lovely meadow— Leucippe, Phaeno, Electra, Ianthe, Iache, Melite,  Rhode and sweet Callirhoe as well, Melobosis and Tyche, Rhodope, darling Calypso, Urania, Styx, Galaxaura, Pallas, who rouses to battle, and Artemis, strewer of arrows: All of us playing, and plucking by handfuls adorable blossoms, Delicate crocuses mingled with iris and hyacinth, cup-shaped

Both of the goddesses’ hearts were rejoiced. And then brightly crowned Rhea Said to her, “Come here, my child, deep-thundering, widely discerning Zeus summons you to your kindred, the gods, and he promises you such Honors as you may desire in the company of the immortals. And he decrees that the Maiden shall dwell a third part of the turning Year under vaporous darkness, the other two parts with her mother And with the other immortals. And thus his pronouncement, ‘So be it!’ Sealed with a nod of

of the blessed immortals, they treat grim Discord with honor. There is, moreover, another, the firstborn daughter of dark Night. Her did the high-throned scion of Cronus whose home is in heaven Place at the roots of the earth; she is certainly better for mankind. This is that Discord that stirs up even the helpless to hard work, Seeing a man gets eager to work on beholding a neighbor  ⅐  Who is exceedingly wealthy and makes haste plowing and sowing, Putting his household in

the rest of our days to sit gossiping with the immortals, Rich and important as landowners, than to inhabit this drafty    ⅐  Cavern: our home! In regard to the matter of honor and worship: I shall embark on Religion, like Phoebus Apollo, my brother. And if my father forbids it, I yet shall achieve the ambition That I am capable of, namely, being the chief of the robbers. So, should the son of respectable Leto come looking for me, I Think he will find something different,

Mingle in love in delicious recesses of underground caverns. When first they come into being, there spring simultaneous with them On human-nourishing earth lofty firs and tall, toplofty oak trees Clothed in luxuriant foliage, flourishing up in the mountains Beautifully; steeply they stand; mortals call them the natural precincts Of the immortals, and nobody cuts them with axes of iron. But when their doom is upon them, and death, which is everyone’s portion, Creeps up upon them, their beautiful

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