With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

Ivo Banac

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Pages: 320

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Book by Banac, Ivo

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of the 'order' of the Yugoslav general, instead we carried out the advice of the people: 'Measure seven times bdore you cut' " (The Anglo·American Threat to Albania: Memoirs of the National Uberation War [Tirana, 19821, p. 420). Yugoslavia has aJways denied responsibility for the incident. For a recent statement on this issue, see Dani jd Garic, "Dainformacijske mine protiv Jugoslavije," Start, Sept. 21, 1985, pp. 34-36, 61. Michael B. Pettovich, a former member of the American military mission

leadership of the KPJ. Stalin defended the withdrawal of Soviet military and civilian advisers on the grounds that they could not function in an increasingly hostile atmosphere and under the surveillance of Yugoslav security organs-a practice that the Soviets otherwise encountered "only in bourgeois countries, and by no means in all of them." The worsening of Soviet-Yugoslav relations, according to Stalin, was due to several factors. Yugoslav officials, notably such "dubious Marxists" as Milovan

patriotic forces, which the extreme left opposed. Hence Hebrang's openness to the Croat Peasant Party, many of revolutionary work among the national minorities of the Balkans, under direct Soviet security control. 5¬ę Milomir MariC., "PonoC:ni vrisak Mustafe Golubiea: Kazacok u Beeu," Duga, Nov. 18, 1985, p. 75. 48 . Vladimir Dedijer and his informant X-601 misrepresent the facts when they claim that Hebrang held "that the national question in Yugoslavia can be solved only by the breakup of

shock brigadcrs planned to storm the hospital. One day Pavclic himself came to the jail on Savska Ccsta to see Hebrang. He came with his entourage, all puffed up, an d while his attendants whispered among themselves, Pavdic took a look at Comrade Hebrang, one of whose eyes was covered by a bandage. He walked out at o nce. Hcbrang spent a long rime in Usrasa prisons. He was later transferred to (the concentration camp at) Nova Gradish and held in solitary confinement": Vladimir Dedijcr, Dnevnik,

and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War (he was sometimes referred to as "Pasic without the beard," after the crafty Serbian statesman), Neskovic always found it hard " to change his position to suit new circumstances. "u s He was reluctant to take a stand on the Resolution ("for months he made no public statements, and he never assumed a decisive and hostile stance toward Moscow"), he openly opposed Tito's decision to stay away from the Bucharest meeting of the Cominform in June 1948, and he was

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