Who Stole Halloween? (Chickadee Court Mysteries)

Who Stole Halloween? (Chickadee Court Mysteries)

Martha Freeman

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 0823421708

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Second in the Chickadee Court mystery series starring two ten-year-old sleuths, this humourous middle-grade mystery--a Texas Bluebonnet Award Masterlist title--is now available in paperback. Alex and Yasmeen are back in action, this time on the trail of a serial cat-napper. Halloween is the first cat to go missing, stolen right from her bed on the front porch in the middle of the night. One by one more cats from the neighborhood disappear. It's rumored that the Harvey House Ghost is back and seeking vengeance. Will he strike again? It's up to Alex and Yasmeen to find ut before Halloween is gone forever!

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what about the ghost?” I asked. Mr. Stone got up from the table and cleared our cups. “Ah yes, the ghost,” he said. “It seems that old man Harvey’s ghost still haunts the mansion he built for himself and his bride, and those who have lived there since have spent many a sleepless night.” “I’ve heard cats in College Springs often get catnapped around Halloween,” I said. “And sometimes whoever it is blames the ghost. This year there are five missing cats already.” “Really?” said Mr. Stone.

rumor and wait. I know who I’m calling—Billy Jensen.” I didn’t say anything to my parents about the plan. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, for one thing. Telling them could wait. But there was someone I needed to consult right away. At bedtime he was sitting on my pillow with his favorite possession, the white ball of catnip. “Was Yasmeen right today, Luau?” I asked him. “Were you volunteering when you jumped into her lap? You know it could be dangerous. You could end up catnapped

Blanco had brought up from the cellar. “Does this have to do with the ghost story?” He pushed the book and the newspapers toward me. “They’re from around the time the murders took place,” he said. “And yesterday I found something strange, too. We’re still remodeling, you know, and I punched through a wall in the room I think must have been the parlor.” “That’s where Mr. Stone told us the bodies were found,” I said, “Marianne Harvey’s first, and then, on Halloween night, her husband’s.” Mr.

boxes of salt and twenty pounds of flour?” I asked Yasmeen. “I don’t know.” Yasmeen made a face. “But I wouldn’t want to eat it.” “Besides that, there’re five packages of food coloring—” “Assorted colors,” Yasmeen cut in. She was looking over my shoulder. “And ten twenty-pound bags of cat food.” Yasmeen moaned. “We’ve had this for four days, and we never even looked at it.” “Yup, we’re idiots, all right,” I said. “We were totally focused on catnip, and this was right in front of our faces.”

through the cemetery gate. I swear, sometimes my cat has a nasty sense of humor. Yasmeen laughed. “He’s going to St. Bernard’s all right.” Then she ran ahead of me through the gate, warbling like some soprano werewolf, waving her arms over her head. Being cool the way I am, I ignored her behavior. Unfortunately, I was so busy ignoring her behavior that I didn’t see a broken headstone and I tripped. “Oh! Oh, shoot—Alex, are you okay? Oh my gosh, you’re bleeding!” Yasmeen had run back and knelt

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