Voices Carry

Voices Carry

Mariah Stewart

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0671785915

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FBI agent Genna Snow's successful career cannot fully erase the heartache of a shattered childhood. After breaking the silence surrounding the abusive acts of a summer camp counselor, young Genna was abandoned by her family even as justice was being served in the courtroom. Years later, Genna was forced to relive the pain of abandonment when the man she loved, special agent John Mancini, walked out of her life without explanation.
Now, having returned from his own private hell, John is determined to win Genna back. Even as she struggles to keep their relationship strictly professional, Genna is selected for a special FBI team led by John, charged with tracking down the person behind a series of seemingly random abductions of young women across the country. But as a terrifying pattern begins to emerge, Genna faces the chilling realization that someone else from her past may be on the way back into her life -- and that she stands in danger of losing more than just her heart.
Featuring two fascinating characters from her acclaimed bestseller Brown-Eyed Girl, Mariah Stewart delivers a page-turner of passion and suspense.

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him, and with his father remarrying last year, he had to let go of his dream that someday his family would all be back together again. I guess all kids go through that, when their parents split up, and you never know how it will affect them in the long run. So far, though, he seems to be keeping his feet on the ground.” “That’s good. I’m glad to hear it.” Genna stood up. “Coffee?” “Sure. Want some help?” He offered. “I can do it.” She picked up her plate and reached over to take his as well,

said to Patsy without turning toward her. “Didn’t you say that you might invite your friend, the woman who is renting the house next door. . .” “Nancy,” Patsy supplied the name. “. . . that you might invite Nancy to join us for dinner one night over the weekend?” “Yes, but I think we have plenty left over from. . .” Patsy paused as Genna turned off the car and got out, watched as she sauntered up to the nearest table and began to sort through the tomatoes. What in the world. . . ? Patsy

smile to the night guard. Strolling into the late July dusk, she paused to adjust her bag onto her shoulder, then walked to her car that she’d parked near the middle of the lot’s second row. The sun had already settled in for the night, casting a placid lavender over the early evening sky. Setting the briefcase on the ground, she searched her pockets for the keys to her old Taurus, wondering for the third time in as many weeks if it would start. The new starter she’d just had installed aside,

opportunity to share in her little sister’s growing up,” Patsy replied without looking up. “Now, as I was saying, this was graduation. . .” “From high school?” Crystal leaned over slightly to peer at the picture, still in the cardboard frame it came in. “From college. Genna graduated Magna Cum Laude,” Patsy told her proudly. “Of course, I have a larger version of this framed and hanging in the living room back home.” “College?” Crystal looked across the room at Genna. “You went to college?”

imagine it to be well overgrown after all these years. I know the state police had the place blocked off for a long time.” “Gen, look.” Crystal pointed toward a weathered sign nearly covered by tall brush. Genna stopped the car on the shoulder and read aloud. Welcome to the Way of the Shepherd. Enter in peace, and follow my path. “Jesus,” Genna muttered. “Jesus had nothing to do with what went on here,” Crystal said softly. “I can’t believe that sign is still there.” Genna shook her head.

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