Using Chinese Synonyms (Using (Cambridge))

Using Chinese Synonyms (Using (Cambridge))

Language: English

Pages: 446

ISBN: 0521617871

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Using Chinese Synonyms is an essential reference book, specifically designed for non-native speakers of Chinese, and for teachers and other language professionals who want a user-friendly guide to the finer nuances of Chinese synonyms. It contains approximately 1700 synonyms in 316 groups. With the particular needs of non-native speakers of Chinese in mind, this invaluable book selects and explains words and phrases in everyday use, allowing students to enhance their knowledge of one of the most important and widely-spoken languages in the world. This book assists in the development of fluent, spontaneous and skilful use of Chinese synonyms.

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[ƯQOtQJVRXO DŽ ]jQVKӽQJ 䎎䍿 v. 3D to praise and appreciate (good skill, talent, deed, attitude, etc.; not necessarily in words; can be used with an adverb of degree, e.g. ᖸ) (䍿, to appreciate) ԆⲴ≹ᆇ߉ᗇᖸྭˈབྷᇦ䜭ᖸ䎎䍿ˈ བྷᇦሩԆ߉Ⲵ≹ᆇ䎎䍿ᶱҶDŽ ᡁ⢩࡛䎎䍿ԆⲴ৘㢪 (chúyì, cooking skill)DŽ ԆⲴ৘㢪ᱟ٬ᗇ (zhídé, to deserve) 䎎䍿ⲴDŽ ཷᙚⲴᱟˈ䎎䍿ԆⲴᴹԆⲴᴻ৻ˈҏᴹԆⲴ ᭼Ӫ (dírén, enemy)DŽ zàntàn 䎎਩ v. 3D to sing the praises of (a stronger word in this group) (਩, to exclaim in praise) Ԇ䎎਩䚃³什઼ഝⵏ㖾´ ਲ਼ҶԆ‫Ⲵڊ‬㨌ԕਾˈབྷᇦሩԆⲴ৘㢪 䜭䎎਩нᐢ (to be full of praise)DŽ

Ԇௌ⅒㘱㘱ᇎᇎⲴӪDŽ Note: * ᇎ൘ DGYµLQGHHG¶DVLQ ᡁཚ㍟Ҷ, ᇎ൘нᜣⴻҖҶ. * 㘱ᇎ DGMµHDVLO\WDNHQLQ¶DVLQ ֐ҏཚ㘱ᇎҶ, Ԇ䈤ӰѸ֐ቡ‫ڊ‬ӰѸ. FKǀQJIqQ ‫ ࠶ݵ‬adj. (see also 価┑/ ཊĸ/ Ѡᇼ) sufficient FKǀQJSqL ‫ ⋋ݵ‬adj. 3D plentiful (of spirit, feelings, etc., also of natural things including rain, sun, etc.), energetic (of a person) (‫ݵ‬, full; ⋋, abundant) Ӻᒤ䴘≤‫ˈ⋋ݵ‬㣡ᔰᗇ⢩࡛┲ӞDŽ Ԇҍॱ኱Ҷˈն㋮࣋ MƯQJOuHQHUJ\  䘈ᱟᖸ ‫⋋ݵ‬DŽ Ԇཙཙ䭫⛬䓛փˈᡰԕᴹ‫Ⲵ⋋ݵ‬㋮࣋ᐕ֌઼ᆖ ҐDŽ FKǀQJVKt ‫ݵ‬ᇎ adj.* 3C substantial, fulfilled (referring to spirit, life, content,

6 paperback) Using French Vocabulary jea n h. duf fy (ISBN 0 521 57040 9 hardback) (ISBN 0 521 57851 5 paperback) Using German Vocabulary sarah fagan (ISBN 0 521 79700 4 paperback) Using Portuguese A guide to contemporary usage an a s ofi a gan ho and t i m o t h y m c g o v e r n Using Italian Vocabulary marcel danesi (ISBN 0 521 79663 6 paperback) Using Spanish Vocabulary r . e . b a t c h e l o r and m i g u e l a . s a n jo s e´ Using Arabic A guide to contemporary usage mahdi alosh

HPSKDVLVLQJµQRH[FHSWLRQ¶ ࠑ« ࠑ㿱䗷ԆⲴӪˈᙫᱟ䈤ԆӪн䭉DŽ ᙫ«HPSKDVLVLQJµDOZD\V¶ ࠑᒤ┑ॱ‫ޛ‬኱ⲴӪˈ䜭ਟԕ৲࣐DŽ Ԇࠑһ䜭ᖸ䇔ⵏˈӾᶕн傜㱾DŽ ࠑԆௌ⅒Ⲵ⭥ᖡˈԆᙫᱟⴻє䙽ԕкDŽ ࠑ⋑ᶕк䈮Ⲵᆖ⭏ˈ䜭㾱৫࣎‫ޜ‬ᇔ㿱㘱ᐸDŽ fánshì ࠑᱟ adv. 2C every, any, all, whatever (ࠑ and ࠑᱟ are mostly interchangeable; ࠑᱟ« ᙫ/ ‫ޘ‬/ 䜭« ࠑᱟᆖ⭏ⲴһᛵˈԆ䜭᭮൘ᗳкDŽ ࠑᱟ⦻㘱ᐸк䈮ˈᶕⲴᆖ⭏ᙫᱟᖸཊDŽ ࠑᱟ࡛ӪᴹⲴь㾯ˈԆ‫ޘ‬䜭ᜣ㾱DŽ к⨝Ԇᙫᱟᶕᗇᖸᲊˈնࠑᱟл⨝Ⲵᰦ‫ˈى‬ Ԇতᙫᱟㅜањ䎠ࠪ࣎‫ޜ‬ᾬDŽ ࠑᱟᝯ᜿ᑞ࡛ࣙӪⲴӪˈ䜭Պᴹᖸཊᴻ৻DŽ Note: * ࠑ DGMµRUGLQDU\¶DVLQ ԆਟнᱟࠑӪ, ӰѸ䜭Պ, 㘼фӰѸ䜭∄࡛Ӫ‫ڊ‬ᗇྭ. * ࠑ QµWKHPRUWDOZRUOG¶DVLQ ྩ䮯ᗇ䶎ᑨ┲Ӟ, ‫ۿ‬ԉྣ [LƗQQԉIDLU\  лࠑаṧ. ¾ ࠑһ

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