Unsettled Matters: The Life & Death of Bruce Lee

Unsettled Matters: The Life & Death of Bruce Lee

Tom Bleecker

Language: English

Pages: 228

ISBN: 0965313204

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Considered one of the foremost authorities on Bruce Lee today, Tom Bleecker not only trained privately with Lee, but the two shared numerous mutual friends in the martial arts community as well as the Hollywood film industry. Moreover, Bleecker coauthored with Bruce's window Linda Lee The Bruce Lee Story, which served as the source material for MCA Universal's motion picture Dragon.

Unsettled Matters is the result of over four years of intense investigative research that led the author from the back alleys of Hong Kong to obscure court documents uncovered in Los Angeles and Seattle. Learn the shocking truth about the life and death of martial arts icon Bruce Lee. Discover why both the author and this publication company have been threatened with massive civil lawsuits if we dare publish the contents of this book.

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not air until after he had again departed for the Far East. Born and raised in Shanghai, producer Raymond Chow (Chow Man-wai), who had left the employ of the Shaw Brothers following a bitter falling out, had formed Golden Harvest Films, which in 1971 was in such financial distress that many predicted the next typhoon would demolish the renegade studio’s two ramshackle sound stages and blow their wafer-thin ledgers into the polluted harbor. Raymond had been impressed with Bruce’s televised kung-fu

Bruce replied. “I want to be neutral and act for whichever company can provide me with good scripts. I don’t want to be involved in any conflicts or competition here.” An interesting set of comments. Right from the dragon’s fiery mouth the implication that he is not contractually obligated to Raymond Chow, despite their partnership in Concord Productions. This to be followed by the statement that he has no desire to get involved in political disputes. Within minutes there are six reporters on the

after Bruce Lee’s death. PMM&CO’s Hong Kong office had prepared financial statements from these accounts, and it was these financial statements that led Heller to conclude that there had been an omission of income. Since the accounts were not drawn up until after Bruce Lee’s death and, according to Heller’s own words, Mr. Chow’s probity was for other reasons not beyond questioning, the IRS must view Chow’s books to be erroneous in a number of respects, but particularly in regard to Bruce Lee’s

attorneys for the Estate of Bruce Lee and earmarked for use at a future date. A year later, upon Linda Lee’s acquisition of the money, the note was signed on July 21, 1975 and then recorded the following morning. Although there was never a date listed as to when the note would become due, the interest rate was 8% together with expenses and costs incurred in connection with the drafting or enforcement of the note. When a year later the Inland Island Revenue (Hong Kong’s version of the IRS)

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