True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling

True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling

L.K. Ludwig

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1592534260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Featuring the artwork of over 25 leading artists with name recognition

As art journaling grows in popularity (even attracting a new breed of scrapbookers who call themselves "life artists"), there is a movement afoot toward creating more authentic, personal, what some people call "raw" journals. These journals are filled with not just attractive, well-composed pages, but pages that are filled with personal, meaningful content.

True Visions is focused on ways to bring authenticity and meaning into one's art journaling. The book will examine themes and topics common to all while offering activities and exercises to create rich meaningful content. Each chapter will highlight familiar subject areas such as life events, spirituality, childhood, and even an artist's favorite writings. Within each topic, readers are given guided activities and exercises for developing content, provided one or two artistic techniques, and are shown inspiring examples of work by a variety of talented art journal artists.

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book or a sketchbook or on loose pages housed in a portfolio—for some artists, art journals are not contained in books but are seen as a sequence of individual works created over time. All have in common the spilling of one’s self into the work in a way that chronicles or examines a part of the journaler’s life. The definition of an art journal, then, is very flexible. Artists have a way of challenging boundaries and preconceived notions about both their art making and their worlds. The basics of

head all the time. They change from normal thoughts to unspoken conversations with people when I’m mulling something over, figuring out a solution or action to take. So, it carries over into my journaling. It gives me a voice to express things to someone or to a situation. And that’s also where my inner cheerleader comes out. I went through a pretty traumatizing experience in 2006 and found solace in my journal. I believe journaling about it helped me to deal with it and come out stronger.

a place in which you can be surrounded by 500 people who are very much like you, yet totally different. Bee Shay, like many artists, keeps a yearly Artfest art journal to record this special place that exists only for a few days each year. M • • • • • • T I q p s o G th What places have you fallen in love with at first sight? 98 true vision 066-099_01808.indd Chap5:98 23/2/08 3:30:00 PM (Ray) (Text) Job:02-01808 Title:RP-True Vision #175 Dtp:48 Page:98 rue Vision Page:98 visual

all the rich, potent personalities that have gone before me still linger somewhere, somehow, waiting for me to catch up with them. I credit my Catholic-school upbringing with giving me a rich love of ritual and liturgical ceremony. The relics of the saints, the blessed medals, the novenas, the rosaries, the scapulars, the little white First Communion prayer book, the drawing of the heavy folds of the velvet drapes that left me in the darkness of the confessional and my sins, and the lighting of

book are painted with Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. They dry to a matte, velvety finish that reminds me of milk paint. The metallic paints are Golden Glazes, including the teardrops on the front cover. The page with the border that resembles mosaics was done with pastels sealed with a fixative. spirituality and dreams 100-144_01808.indd Chap5:131 Tab in pages to a bound journal using packing tape or by gluing down an edge. Los Dias del Milagro is a large book, which could be seen as imposing, yet

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