Thread Stories: A Visual Guide to Creating Stunning Stitched Portrait Quilts

Thread Stories: A Visual Guide to Creating Stunning Stitched Portrait Quilts

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 1617450537

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tell captivating stories in fabric and thread! Acclaimed quilting artist Jennifer Day invites you to create realistic portrait quilts. Turn your photos of people and animals into one-of-a-kind story quilts as you learn to stitch the details with thread painting. This step-by-step visual guide takes you from photo selection to editing, printing on fabric, thread painting, and free-motion quilting. Quilters of all levels can capture and quilt life's precious memories with a home sewing machine.

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deceptively easy. On one hand, it’s a paint-by-numbers approach, using thread instead of paint. On the other hand, subtly blending transitions from one shade to another requires patience and practice. It’s a technique beginners can use right off the bat to create a stunning quilt, and experienced students can continue honing to create a masterpiece.” —Iris A VISUAL GUIDE TO CREATING STUNNING STITCHED PORTRAIT QUILTS Jennifer Day stories A VISUAL GUIDE TO CREATING STUNNING STITCHED PORTRAIT

Gaskins    Lea McComas   Susan Brubaker Knapp n n Student Work. . . 95 n On the Flip Side. . . 89 Jennifer Day Portrait Quilts. . . 101 About the Author/Resources. . . 111 4 THREAD STORIES introduction: quilts are stories Quilts are wonderful stories. In days gone by, a quilt was lovingly created by a mother, grandmother, or friend who wanted to tell a story in fabric. The tale could have been utilitarian in its roots or it could have been a labor of love. Either way, the creator spent

portrait of your pet. It is critical to capture the look in your best friend’s eyes. The cat’s eye in the photo at right is a fabulous green. I stitched it in a circular motion using two colors of green to enhance the brilliance of the iris. I left the black of the pupil and the highlights without thread. Sometimes stitching the pupil will “muddy the water” with thread that takes the attention away from the intense color of the iris. The dog’s eye below right was stitched in the same circular

number of other photo-editing programs. Basic programs (and even smartphone apps) allow you to crop and adjust the exposure, clarity, contrast, or saturation of a photo. note In this book, I will be using Photoshop Elements in the examples, but most photo-editing software works in a similar manner. The photo below has all the elements of a great photo. The emotions are quickly identified—compassion, sadness, and curiosity. The child’s dirty face and her expression cause you to wonder about her

colors available in the Mara 70 line. I use all 692 colors in my quilts. The minute gradations of Gütermann threads are critical to the success of my quilting technique. 14 THREAD STORIES PRESENCIA THREAD I also use a line of threads from Presencia that is readily available in quilt shops. It is a 100% cotton, matte, no-luster three-ply thread. There are currently 180 colors of thread in the Presencia line. ISACORD EMBROIDERY THREAD When you need just a dash of brightness and shine,

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