The Story of the Blue Planet

The Story of the Blue Planet

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1609805062

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Brimir and Hulda are best friends who live on a small island on a beautiful blue planet where there are only children and no adults. Their planet is wild and at times dangerous, but everything is free, everyone is their friend, and each day is more exciting than the last. 
One day a rocket ship piloted by a strange-looking adult named Gleesome Goodday crashes on the beach. His business card claims he is a “Dream.ComeTrueMaker and joybringer,” and he promises to make life a hundred times more fun with sun-activated flying powder and magic-coated skin so that no one ever has to bathe again. Goodday even nails the sun in the sky and creates a giant wolf to chase away the clouds so it can be playtime all the time. In exchange for these wonderful things, Goodday asks only for a little bit of the children’s youth—but what is youth compared to a lot more fun? The children are so enamored with their new games that they forget all the simple activities they used to love.
During Goodday’s great flying competition, Hulda and Brimir fly too high to the sun and soar to the other side of planet, where they discover it is dark all the time and the children are sickly and pale. Hulda and Brimir know that without their help, the pale children will die, but first they need to get back to their island and convince their friends that Gleesome Goodday is not all that he seems.
A fantastical adventure, beautifully told, unfolds in a deceptively simple tale. The Story of the Blue Planet will delight and challenge readers of all ages.

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co-o-old! We-e’ll haunt and taunt her, a-a-ll al-o-o-one, We’ll h-o-o-ld and h-i-i-ide her, fa-a-r from h-o-ome! “Brimir!” It was Hulda who shouted. Brimir came to a halt. “What?” “There’s one thing we should do before we go any further,” said Hulda. “What’s that?” asked Brimir brusquely. “We should try and be friends again, otherwise we’ll never get home.” Brimir tried to look at Hulda but could see nothing in the dark. Nothing except a little tear, which glistened in her eye. “Yeah,

spiders wove from it precious clothes in thousands of colors. The children put reindeer horns on their heads and flew screaming around the flames. “We don’t have to hurry home. We’re fine right here!” “Hyena! We’re hungry!” The hyena laughed its cynical laugh and set off into the forest. Shortly afterwards it came with its prey in its jaws and laid it on the cave floor. The children looked horrified at its catch. “It’s a child!” The child lay motionless on the cave floor, its face deathly

“Just a seal.” “Just a seal?” “Yes, just one seal, but also oranges and two rabbits!” “Mmmm! Did you catch the seal?” “Oh, it was no big deal, it was so small. I knocked it out with a club,” said Hulda as she tapped Brimir lightly on his head. “Shall I help you pull the sack?” “That would be nice.” Brimir and Hulda strolled along the beach, dragging the sack behind them, wiping out their tracks in the sand. They looked out over the sea and the black sand in the bay with the palm trees where

“Ha ha ha ha!!! They are so stupid!” he shouted and rolled about laughing. “They believed what Brimir and Hulda told them! They think that you’re so hungry you eat nothing but soil!” No one laughed except for a few who giggled self-consciously. “They’re sending us blankets and poems?” asked the children. Jolly-Goodday laughed even more, bringing tears to his eyes. “Ha ha! I’ve never heard anything like it! They are in the darkness and cold and send blankets and food over to the sun and

again.” “Wow! Fantastic!” said the children. Everyone waited impatiently for noon. Then Jolly-Goodday got up out of his deck chair, went into his spaceship, and fetched a gigantic ladder, an enormous hammer, and a stupendous nail. He rested the ladder on the end of a white cloud. Jolly-Goodday put on pitch-black sunglasses to avoid being blinded and slipped polka-dot oven mitts over with the hammer and nail high up into the blue sky and nailed the nail into the middle of the sun with a noise

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