The Search for Anne Perry: The Hidden Life of a Bestselling Crime Writer

The Search for Anne Perry: The Hidden Life of a Bestselling Crime Writer

Joanne Drayton

Language: English

Pages: 378

ISBN: 1628726040

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A New York Times bestseller, this acclaimed biography of crime writer Anne Perry is now in paperback.

When Peter Jackson released Heavenly Creatures, based on a famous 1950s matricide committed by two teenage girls in an obsessive relationship, the movie launched his international career and forever changed the life of Anne Perry. Perry had achieved extraordinary success as a crime writer but was now publicly outed as one of the murderers, Juliet Hulme. A new light was cast, not only on her life but also on her novels, which feature gruesome and violent deaths and confront dark issues, including infanticide and incest.

For this biography, Joanne Drayton was given broad access to Anne Perry and her friends, relatives, colleagues, and archives. In a gripping narrative that alternates between the story of Juliet Hulme leading up to the murder and Anne’s life and writing career afterward, Drayton illuminates both parts, while drawing parallels between Perry’s own experiences and her characters and storylines. Drayton also gives a riveting account of the outing and Anne’s response. Anne Perry has sold twenty-six million books worldwide and published in fifteen different languages, yet she will now forever be known as a murderer who became a writer of murder stories.

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