The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers

The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers

Ron Hock

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1440329958

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sharp tools work better!

If you've never experienced the pleasure of using a really sharp tool, you're missing one of the real pleasures of woodworking. In The Perfect Edge, the mystery of the elusive sharp edge is solved by the long-time sharpening expert and tool maker Ron Hock. You'll soon find how easy and safe hand tools are to use.

This book covers all the different sharpening methods so you can either improve your sharpening techniques using your existing set-up, or determine which one will best suit your needs and budget. Ron shows you the tricks and offers expert advice to sharpen all your woodworking tools, plus a few around-the-house tools that also deserve a perfect edge.

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In neither of these situations would we want a coating of heavy grease, even though grease may be indicated for certain long-term storage needs. The market also offers certain oil-type products that do a good job of displacing water on a metal surface – a real plus because rust may continue its attack if you applied oil over water. Water-displacing oils are formulated to drive away any moisture that may be on the surface they are coating, thus improving the protective effect. I do not recommend

the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program swear by Norton stones exclusively. If you are ever at a loss for something to talk about with a woodworker, just start talking about sharpening. It’s a conversation that can go on and on. The diamond-plate “stones” offer an ideal solution in that they require no flattening and can just be rinsed after using to keep them clean. But they’re expensive. And, though it takes quite a while, the diamond particles do eventually wear down; typically in the center of

axle. It is spring-snap adjustable in 5° increments from 20° to 47.5°. A removable set-up reference block has a rabbet machined in it so that when you flip it over, it reregisters the edge on the other surface of the rabbet for a 2.5° higher half-step of adjustability. The unique feature about the H-100 (other than it’s compatibility with the Lap-Sharp machine) is that the wide roller is in front of the edge. When using this wide roller with a loose sheet of abrasive film, the roller holds down

an easy skill to learn, this variable burnisher lets you roll the same hook every time and is a very popular convenience. Curved scrapers are prepared the same as straight ones but with the added difficulty of having to work with curves and the need to get creative about filing and honing the concave edges. Use carvers’ slipstones, sandpaper on dowels, sanding drums, Dremel, whatever. Just keep the edge square and polished and use the burnisher at the desired angle. You can do it. You may be In-depth steel information at The Sousa Corporation’s technical library: Lyn J. Mangiameli’s High Angle Smoothing Plane Comparison: Molecular Expressions™ Optical Microscope Primer: Ancient Metallurgy, A Beginner's Guide: Corrosion Doctors (way more about rust than you probably want to

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