The Holly Joliday (Judy Moody & Stink)

The Holly Joliday (Judy Moody & Stink)

Language: English

Pages: 82

ISBN: 1439583366

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Christmas day!” and “Have a hula, jula Christmas! It’s the best time of the year . . .” Dad poked his head into the playroom off the kitchen. “Pizza will be here any minute,” he said. “Does Judy have to sing Hawaiian songs? She knows I want snow.” “Why don’t you sing your own carols, Stink? Like . . . Hark! The herald angels sing!” Dad belted out. “Who’s this Harold guy everybody’s always singing about, anyway?” “Never mind,” said Dad, shaking his head. Stink put on his snowflake

again,” said Judy, rolling her eyes. “Who’s Jack Frost?” Mom and Dad asked at the same time. “You guys don’t know who Jack Frost is?” Stink asked. “He’s the new mailman,” said Judy. “And he brings snow,” Stink added. “And tonight he brought us a package. Can we open it? Can-we-can-we-can-we?” “Hmm. No return address on the box,” said Dad. “Must be from Grandma Lou.” “She already sent fruitcake,” said Mom. “Maybe it’s a yule log,” said Judy. “What’s a yule log?” asked Stink. “Yule never

“What’s another name for a blizzard in Virginia?” “Freak of nature.” “What’s your favorite subject in school?” “Freak of nature.” “What do you call somebody who only wants snow for Christmas?” “Freak of nature. Hey, wait, that’s me!” “Exactly,” said Judy. 9:44 p.m. “Still no snow,” said Stink, reporting from his lookout by the window. He pointed to the thermometer outside. “Hey, good news. It’s thirty-eight degrees. The temperature’s dropping. It was thirty-nine a few minutes ago.”

snowball fight. Sniff, sniff. He pictured a great big whopping whiteout. “Yep, I think I smell snow,” said Stink. Stink and Jack Frost were quiet for a minute. Together they looked up at the gloomy gray sky and sniffed the moist, damp air. “My big sister says it never snows in Virginia,” said Stink. “My big sister says there’s too much globe warming. My big sister says there’s like a billion-to-one chance for snow this year.” “Your big sister sounds pretty smart, huh?” “She thinks so,” said

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