The Fantastic World of Terry Jones: Animal Tales

The Fantastic World of Terry Jones: Animal Tales

Language: English

Pages: 120


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This amazing collection of wonderful stories, written by the hilarious Terry Jones and illustrated by Michael Foreman, will have both children and parents rolling with laughter. A dog who just cannot understand why he is not allowed to practice medicine. A fox who runs a circus of trained chickens. A flea who thinks he is the manager of a chain of mega-stores. A skunk who falls madly in love with a bear. All are characters in a fantastic new collection of tales for children of all ages. The long-awaited new collection of hilarious tales from the mind of a comic genius, Monty Python's Terry JonesAmazing marketing and publicity schedule, including an author tour, festival appearances, readings on the Monty Python's YouTube channel (which has over 125,000 subscribers) and newspaper and magazine featuresAn opera of one of the stories, Dr. Dog, with musical arrangements by The Art of Noise's Anne Dudley will premier at the Royal Opera House in April 2011Accompanies reissues of Jones pervious 2 collections, Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories Other titles in the series: Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories.

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slugs around the world and take care of all that money I should make. Well! Thank goodness for that!” And he hopped back under the lovely damp hedge and continued on his way. He was, as I mentioned before, an unusually sensible frog. THE FLYING BADGER THE BADGER, WHO KEPT OUR VILLAGE SHOP when I was a boy, was a grumpy sort of animal, and the shop had a very odd smell. When you walked in, Old Badger would emerge from the dimly-lit room behind the counter, and stand there watching you, as you

I have some important news for you. “I wish to create a world in which we all live together in peace. So I propose to make it a law that, in future, instead of hunting you down and killing you for our supper, we lions will help protect all you wildebeest and striped gazelles against your enemies. We will seek out the best grass for you, and we will escort you there to stop the leopards and the spotted hyenas from attacking you. “All I ask in return is that you wildebeest and striped gazelles

all this nonsense!” exclaimed the exasperated Gryphon. “Look! We’ll find somebody else, who will be able to confirm that we do exist!” So they went to the Unicorn. “Unicorn!” exclaimed the Gryphon in his gruff way, “Dragon here thinks he may not exist – that he may be just an imaginary creature that somebody dreamed-up! Tell him that he’s real!” But the Unicorn looked rather doubtful. “Oh dear!” he said. “That’s serious! If Dragon isn’t real, perhaps none of us are!” “Absolute piffle!” roared

Crocodile, and he burst into tears. “I can tell you one thing,” said the Dentist firmly, “there’s nothing wrong with your teeth!” And the Receptionist showed the Crocodile the door. “Do you think my breath smells?” asked the Crocodile as he was pouring the afternoon tea. “Could be,” said the Tiger, helping himself to another crumpet. “Well I can’t help noticing that people in the street tend to avoid me,” said the Crocodile, “and if I ever get into a lift with someone, they always turn pale

problem. We simply cannot allow a dog to continue to practise. What’s that bowl on the floor?” “My dinner,” said Scout. “See?” said the Man from the General Medical Council. “The whole thing is unsanitary!” “But you’ve seen my results,” replied Scout politely. “They are well above average.” “You are not registered with the General Medical Council. Full stop,” said Mr. Catto. “But what about my patients!” “They can go and find a proper doctor.” “But he is a proper doctor,” said Janet who

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