The Coat

The Coat

Julie Hunt

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 1741146054

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A bold and original picture book that will lift you off your feet and whirl you away

The Coat stands in a paddock at the end of a row of strawberries. It is buttoned up tight and stuffed full of straw and it is angry. "What a waste of me!" it yells. Then along comes a man. "I could do with a coat like that," the man says. Together, swooping and swinging, they travel to the Cafe Delitzia, where the man finds he has magical talents courtesy of the coat, and together they give the performance of a lifetime.

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TheCoat Endpapers SI.indd 2 11/11/11 9:53 AM TheCoat Endpapers SI.indd 3 11/11/11 9:53 AM The Coat TXT SI.indd 1 11/11/11 10:44 AM The Coat TXT SI.indd 2 11/11/11 10:44 AM The Coat ———————— Julie Hunt • Ron Brooks The Coat TXT SI.indd 3 11/11/11 2:20 PM in a paddock at the Theendcoatof stood a row of strawberries. It was buttoned up tight and stuffed full of straw and it was angry. The Coat TXT SI.indd 4 11/11/11 10:44 AM The Coat TXT SI.indd 5 11/11/11 10:44 AM ‘What a

waste of me ! ’ it yelled to the sun and the sky and the crows and the paddock. ‘What an unbelievable waste! ’ The Coat TXT SI.indd 6 11/11/11 10:44 AM Then it fell silent because someone was walking along the road nearby. ‘Ah! ’ it sighed, and a gust of wind filled one of the sleeves and made it flap, waving. The person waved back and the sleeve beckoned. The Coat TXT SI.indd 7 11/11/11 10:44 AM The coat watched a man approach. He was a disappointed- looking man and when he came closer A Cataloguing-in-Publication entry is available from the National Library of Australia ISBN 978 1 74114 605 9 Teachers’ notes available from Artwork: Reed pen, brush, ink and shellac, on watercolour paper Designed by Ron Brooks Type design and setting by Sandra Nobes Text set in 26 pt Callie Hand by Sandra Nobes Colour reproduction by Splitting Image, Clayton, Victoria This book was printed in December 2011 by Prosperous Printing

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waste,’ he said. ‘ could do with a coat like that.’ I And he pulled the straw and the creatures out of the coat and put himself in it instead. It was much too big but he felt he might grow into it. The Coat TXT SI.indd 10 11/11/11 10:44 AM ‘Splendid,’ said the coat. ‘Splendid,’’ said the man, although it wasn’ t a word he normally used. The Coat TXT SI.indd 11 11/11/11 10:44 AM Together they left the row of strawberries and headed off down the road. ‘Where are we going? ’ the man asked.

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