The Bullet Trick

The Bullet Trick

Louise Welsh

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1841959170

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Crime Writers Association award winner Louise Welsh follows up her hit artworld noir The Cutting Room with a slick literary suspense thriller set among the decadent domains of contemporary Berlin, Glasgow, and London. Meet William Wilson, a foundering so-called mentalist, conjurer, and above all — despite frequently being the opening act for strippers — a master performer. When his agent books him for a string of cabaret gigs in Berlin, he’s hoping his luck’s on the turn. Among the showgirls and grifters of Berlin’s scandalous underground, Wilson can forget his lonely heart, his muddled head, and, more important, his past. But secrets have a habit of catching up with William and as he gets in over his head with a certain brand of lucrative after-hours work, the line between what’s an act and what’s real starts to blur. Bringing the seedy glamour of the burlesque scene magnificently to life, Louise Welsh’s deft contemporary tale is her richest and most macabre yet. A thundering thriller of Glasgow drinking dens, Soho clubs, and dark Berlin backstreets, The Bullet Trick is also an adults-only suspense, guaranteed to keep you guessing until its final explosive flourish.

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William.’ He reached into a cupboard and selected a saucer. ‘Here, use this.’ ‘Sure?’ He opened the window above the sink. ‘Course.’ ‘Want one?’ ‘More than my life’s worth mate. Anyway, you didn’t answer my question. Are you working?’ ‘Why’re you so interested?’ ‘Apart from the usual social niceties? I might have a gig for you.’ Johnny leaned back in his kitchen chair and started to tell me what he had in mind. Berlin THE SCHALL UND RAUCH’S joiner had made a fine job of the task I’d set

white-painted rim it was deep enough at its centre to hold a slim woman lying flat. ‘You lie in here, Nixie, hidden from view. I put the box on the table and help Sylvie into it. She surreptitiously pulls her knees up to her chest and you slide your legs up through the flap on the top of the table, sticking your feet out through the foot holes in the box so the audience think that they belong to Sylvie. Then voilà, I wield my saw,’ I grabbed the oversized saw lying on the ground next to me and

gas fire. ‘You’re shivering.’ Her face was still stern but her voice was gentle. She rubbed my arm. ‘DTs or cold?’ ‘Knowing my luck, probably a new strain of black death.’ Dix looked at Sylvie. ‘Coffee might help.’ I waited for her to say something smart, but she stopped massaging me, uncurled her legs and got to her feet. I drew the robe closer and asked, ‘Have you anything stronger?’ Dix’s voice was final. ‘Stick to coffee for a while.’ And at last Sylvie smiled. ‘Watch out, he could

envelope out of nowhere with a quick sleight of hand, then made it disappear again. ‘Now you see it, now you don’t.’ He took a step forward. ‘That’s mine.’ ‘Really?’ My voice was mild. ‘I thought it belonged to Bill Noon.’ Montgomery shook his head wearily. ‘They were old Noon’s not his son’s. He had his and I had mine, whoever went first was to see his copy destroyed.’ ‘An insurance policy?’ ‘Kind of.’ I’d guessed the ploy when I’d spoken with Drew Manson, but it was good to have it

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