The Broken Path (Survivors, Book 4)

The Broken Path (Survivors, Book 4)

Erin Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 141


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lucky and Alpha have reached a shaky truce, but tensions within the newly united Pack are still running high. As the dogs search for a home far away from the Fierce Dog camp, they discover that no territory is truly safe when they encounter a terrifying new Pack.

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dog chose what she intended to be, not what she already was. . . . And perhaps there was more to Nose than met the eye. What kind of dog, he wondered, would she become? “That’s a fine name she’s chosen,” he murmured to Bella. “Yes.” Bella sounded vague and distracted. “Aren’t we all afraid of thorns?” “But they’re good protection for a Pack, too,” Lucky pointed out. “Mmm . . .” Bella nodded, clearly caught up in thoughts of her own. “What is it?” whispered Lucky. “I was just wondering what

the Pack was eager to get going. The air seemed to reek of nervous expectation as they set off into the valley, following the path of the sparkling new stream. The dogs heard the river before they saw it, and when they crested a crumbling ridge, there it lay: angry and fast and frothing. Out in the middle, the water was churned white around cruel, jutting rocks. Yellow scum swirled in the idle water at its fringes. Lucky felt his heart sink. This is going to be quite a challenge. “Every dog be

his mind swirling. He couldn’t believe that Fiery had challenged Alpha’s leadership, but the prospect of seeing Alpha ground beneath Fiery’s claws gave him a small thrill of pleasure—which immediately made him cringe with shame. I know Alpha’s been a bully—is a bully—but if I enjoy his defeat, what does that make me? “I’m sorry, Lucky.” He could feel Lick’s panting breath on his flank. “I’m so sorry.” “Don’t worry,” he growled. “Just keep up.” “It’s my fault.” “No, it isn’t.” At least, not

ground, wishing he could press himself right through the surface and into the protective paws of Earth-Dog. The longpaw’s black face was turned toward him and Lick, but with its eyes invisible Lucky had no idea if it had noticed them or not. He had never felt so helpless, so incapable of a decision. Please, Forest-Dog. Please don’t let the longpaws see us! A volley of sharp, hissing barks made Lucky snap his head up, terrified. It was the yellow-furred longpaw, barking furiously in that

through his guts. I rescued three. And now one of them is dead, and one of them has joined Blade. Some rescue! The worst of the changes was obvious when they crept around the corner of one of the low houses. The Dog-Garden had been taken over not just by longpaws, but by loudcages. The monsters crouched, sleeping on a patch of hardstone. Lucky halted with the others and stared in horror. These were different from the loudcages he’d known in the city. They were much bigger, very long, with many

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