The Black Stallion Revolts (Black Stallion, Book 9)

The Black Stallion Revolts (Black Stallion, Book 9)

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 155

ISBN: 0394836138

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After the Black attacks another horse, Alec realizes that the once-wild horse needs more space and freedom, so they head out west to a huge ranch. But a terrible accident separates the two, leaving Alec with amnesia and the Black alone to reclaim the wild life to which he was born. As the Black struggles to survive, and as Alec struggles to remember who he is and his connection to the magnificent stallion in the canyon, a gripping adventure story unfolds.

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feet had been, reach up to take him by the belt, and then he was pulled down. For a moment he lay upon the road, his eyes closed. When he opened them two pairs of eyes were staring at him, and then two pairs of hands pulled him to his feet. It was hard focusing his eyes, harder still to move his swollen lips. And when he succeeded, his words came in gasps and were incoherent. They made no sense to the men who pulled him to the front of the truck to look at him in the glare of headlights. The

manage it. “The rest of the time I spend right around here, taking care of myself, the house, old Goldie and my flowers. I guess you’re kind of surprised at my having so many flowers, now that you know I’m color-blind. But there’s nothing wrong with my nose. I can still smell. And that makes up for my not being able to appreciate their beauty. “Of course, I’m away a lot, too. Goldie and I know our way around most of these woods, the mountains and the desert country. We go out prospecting for

was his duty to society. Maybe he expected to talk McGregor into giving himself up to the police. He must have had that in mind when he’d accepted Allen’s invitation. If he had intended to inform the authorities of what he knew, he would have gone directly to the sheriff. “You’re pretty quiet, Slim.” “Just thinking,” Gordon replied. “You don’t think you could get the kid to ride for me, do you, Slim? After all, he’s a friend of yours. He might listen to you.” “He’s no friend of mine,” Gordon

lifted a hoof. He began cleaning it. Every small job was familiar, and brought him that much closer to remembering. He would put shoes on his stallion for the race. He wouldn’t have any trouble. He’d done it before. There were moments when he found himself looking forward to racing this horse. He couldn’t understand why. But he didn’t attempt to fight it. He accepted his mounting excitement, the compelling urge to race. He knew that he had not felt this way when Allen had asked him to ride Hot

they want?” He couldn’t get McGregor to raise his eyes from the ground. “You can tell me, Mac,” he went on softly. “I’ll help you all I can, if you did do it. We’ll fight it. Remember, Mac, if it’s you they want, you were only the lookout for those men, grown men. You’re nothing but a kid. They could have forced you to go with them.” They waited for him to lift his gaze, to say something. But he did neither. He couldn’t. What good would it do to tell them he didn’t know? It wouldn’t help. And he

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