The Best Of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency-Inspired Designs

The Best Of Jane Austen Knits: 27 Regency-Inspired Designs

Amy Clarke Moore

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1620338815

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What would Jane Austen knit?

Enter the world of Jane Austen through timeless knitting patterns inspired by the places and characters in her beloved novels. Designers including Susanna IC, Vicki Square, Annie Modesitt, Heather Zoppetti, Karen Joan Raz, and Kathleen Dames have translated their love for Jane Austen's novels into a stunning tribute to the beloved author. The gorgeously evocative pieces include cardigans, knitted shawls, bags and other accessories, and knitted projects for men and children. While the knitting projects are inspired by the fashions of the regency era, they are every bit as relevant today.

Knitters obsessed with Jane Austen as well as stitchers just looking for wonderfully appealing projects will fall in love with the beautiful knitting designs. Essays on fascinating aspects of Austen's life and the regency era round out this inspiring collection. Topics include the places where Austen lived, knitting in Regency England, the yarns available to Austen and her contemporaries, and dressmaking during the time period.

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Nether Providence, Pennsylvania. Charts Download a PDF version of the following charts here. Barton Cottage Shrug Kristi Schueler This versatile shrug can be worn with a variety of outfits, whether you live in Jane Austen’s world or are out and about in this day and age. The lace edging aspires to a certain romantic sensibility, not unlike Marianne Dashwood’s in Sense and Sensibility. Replacing the button and neckbands of a classic V-neck raglan with a continuous casing through

at lower left front corner—197 (207, 221, 223, 237, 239, 243) sts. Work as foll: Row 1: (WS) Knit. Row 2: (RS) Purl to first m, sl m, *purl to 2 sts before next m (inner corner), p2tog, sl m, p2tog; rep from * once more, purl to end—4 sts dec’d, 1 st on each side of both inner corner m. Row 3: Purl to first m (outer corner), *M1P, sl m, M1P,* purl across left neck, back neck, and right neck to second outer corner m, rep from * to *, purl to end—4 sts inc’d, 1 st on each side of both outer

the strap measures 20" (51 cm). Work Rows 1–27 of Gothic Arch Strap End chart. BO rem 5 sts. Rep from * for second strap. Finishing Weave in loose ends, closing the hole at center bottom. Block bag to measurements. Knot straps at shoulder. California native Catherine Salter Bayar is a clothing, interiors, and knitwear designer who relocated to Turkey in 1999 to pursue her love of handmade textiles and fiber arts. Bazaar Bayar is a handcrafts workshop she founded in Istanbul to provide

needle. Join with rem edging sts using three-needle BO. Break yarn and fasten off. Weave in end. Block to measurements. Karen E. Hooton lives in Scotland with her husband, Peter. The eldest of a big family, she didn’t start knitting until she was six years old, when she was taught by her aunt and her grandmother. She’s interested in all crafts, in particular broomstick, lace, and bead knitting, and crochet. Schematic An Aran for Frederick Kathleen Dames Though Captain Frederick

Kansas, and she teaches English at the University of Central Missouri. She has published dozens of articles in Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine. Sheryl is a life member of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) and the editor of the society’s newsletter, JASNA News. Cloudette Cardigan Claudia Geiger The only time Claudia Geigen has been to England was on a stopover at London Heathrow Airport. However, she vividly remembers that flight over southern England, through a bright

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