The Beader's Bible: A comprehensive guide to beading techniques

The Beader's Bible: A comprehensive guide to beading techniques

Dorothy Wood

Language: English

Pages: 177


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This indispensable guide to beads and beading techniques, presents essential beading know-how together with a wide range of inspirational projects, tips and ideas. Each chapter focuses on a different beading technique, guiding readers through basic skills, tools and materials, before moving on to over thirty step-by-step projects, ranging from beautiful bags and jewelry to stylish scarves and accessories.

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through the bead just added. • Share a Bead If you are working two or three-bead brick stitch, missing a loop can leave a large hole so decrease by sharing a bead instead. TIP WHEN WORKING TWO- OR THREE-BEAD BRICK STITCH YOU CAN GO THROUGH TWO STACKS OF BEADS IN THE ROW BELOW TO LOCK THE BEADS MORE SECURELY. INCREASING Increase at the end or in the middle of a row. If you increase gradually the bead fabric will remain flat and if you increase rapidly the bead fabric will ruffle

Horizontal netting is easily increased or decreased as you simply add more or fewer beads in one or more loops. Add extra shared or bridge beads to increase the length of a bead loop. Increase gradually by adding extra beads on one loop or quickly by adding extra beads on several loops. When looping through beads add an odd number of beads each time and add an even number for looping through threads. Reduce the number of beads in one or more loops to decrease. The amount of decrease

pearls. Multi strands all the same length produce a much fuller effect. When designing the strands space the large beads out so they are not lying together and reduce the size of beads towards the clasp. The multi-strands can all begin at the back of the necklace or you can begin with a single strand necklace and then change to two or more strands for a more interesting effect, as with the Bead Something Now: multistrand necklace (see page 103). Create a much bolder necklace with

Sew the thread end into the crochet rope. At the other end attach a small gold ring by oversewing and secure the end in the rope. Attach to the phone with a mobile phone loop or use a large split ring to attach the charm to the side of the pouch. Bead Charts Bead charts for the off-loom and bead loom stitches vary because the beads are aligned differently with each stitch. The charts are ideal for planning patterns or motifs that can be incorporated in the bead work or even for working

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