Teenage Kicks: A true story of dark streets to bright new beginnings

Teenage Kicks: A true story of dark streets to bright new beginnings

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 1907722955

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A childhood destroyed by abuse and abandonment. A life shattered by addiction and neglect. A true story of pain, self-torment and the necessities of surviving such an existence. When support from her family runs dry, 15-year-old Katie is faced with the harsh reality of life on the streets. Sucked blindly into the world of drugs and partying, this vulnerable young girl becomes ensnared in a web of abuse by 'feeders'; her desperation and defenselessness proving a perfect pathway into drug street culture, self-harm and self-abuse. Providing shocking insight into the cruel truth of homelessness and drug use, Teenage Kicks tells the painful story of a young woman at a stage in her life where her worth is not realised, even by herself.

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myself home. “What the fuck happened to you?” George shouts. “Nothing,” I say. “Don’t look like nothing to me!” “Just a beating for being a slut and lying about Kyle, it dosny matter.” “Go tidy yourself up, it always looks worse before that.” I am now cleaned and in my room. Time eludes me now and I can’t gauge how long I have taken to get here. I feel nothing but this big empty shell of a wounded body. “Katie,” shouts George, “come downstairs, I have to go and pick your mother up,” he

left in me. Should a strong wind blow I will be gone! Luckily I am used to dealing with the dole as I have been in the system for a while now. I arrive at my flat all alone with severe drug and mental problems. I am so sad and damaged; I do not know why I am here but I feel that no one cares anyway so why should I? I am just waiting for death. May as well be here than anywhere else. I don’t know what to eat. My diet usually consists of bread and drugs; I get some packet cheesy pasta and

the dark, the dancing, making the most of it as I always do – dancing, enjoying the music. It is a tiring effort as the pain in my heart is heavy. I am carrying this man’s child and still my needs and emotions mean nothing. Suddenly it feels like my womb has dropped, and the safety of the dance which I have relied on for so many years has been broken. It is no longer available to me, I can no longer hide here. It is my first child, I do not know if this is normal. I find Paulo, drinking. “Come

deodorants and air fresheners, soaps, everything, but nothing smells of this sweet fresh roses smell. “My mother is happy with her roses,” Geraldine says. It is not long after that Geraldine asks everyone to leave. “I want to be alone with my thoughts of my mother,” she explains. Everyone leaves and Geraldine goes to bed in the five shilling room. I go in to say goodnight to her. When I enter her room I can see a tall figure in top hat and tails at the end of the bed who almost reaches the

it, fucking slags, they’ve only got one box of Weetabix in the cupboard and no milk!” exclaims Sharon. “What the fuck we gonna feed these kids on? We got no money.” “Look, I have found fifty pence in twos and ones on the fireplace, we could get some milk,” I say. “OK you go and get some, we will have to give them all half a Weetabix each and leave it up to them cows in the morning,” Sharon says. It is a long night, the kids are not happy and we are trying to get them into bed. Finally we get

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