Sweetie Pie: Deliciously indulgent recipes for dessert pies, tarts and flans

Sweetie Pie: Deliciously indulgent recipes for dessert pies, tarts and flans

Hannah Miles

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1849756104

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nobody can resist classic recipes such as Key Lime Pie, Boston Cream Pie and Apple Pie, or fruity creations such as Rustic Plum Tart, Glazed Apricot Vanilla Tart, Red Cherry Pie and Strawberry Flan. Pies and tarts are a great way of using seasonal ingredients and are perfect for when you have a glut of fruit to use up. As well as those traditional recipes that have been loved for generations, this book also brings together innovative ideas and modern classics that are sure to impress at parties. Children will love the Peanut Butter Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie and Cookie Crust Ice Cream Tart, or for grown-up guests, opt for Chocolate Fondant Mini Tarts, Egg Nog Cream Tart or Raspberry and Rose Tartlets. Sweet pastry recipes are also perfect additions to an afternoon tea selection, with attractive bites like Glazed Mixed Fruit Tart, Vanilla Cheesecake Pie and Treacle Tart. A selection of dishes that takes inspiration from around the world, such as Forest Noir Pie, Tiramisu Cream Pie and Pineapple and Star Anise Tarte Tatin, completes this delightful book.With tips on achieving pastry perfection and stunning photography throughout, this inspiring recipe collection will have you whipping up delectable desserts in no time. From warming winter pies to light and fruity summer tarts, whatever the season or occasion, there is a tempting recipe here to please everyone!

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