Sweet Baby Crochet: Complete Instructions for 8 Projects

Sweet Baby Crochet: Complete Instructions for 8 Projects

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 1589237714

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From blankets to hats to bags, Sweet Baby Crochet offers hooking fans eight patterns that are perfect for creating cuddly gifts for babies. Patterns include baby blankets, sweaters and hats, and even a handy Eight-Pocket Carryall. Each booklet includes an abbreviations section at the front.

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square. STRIP 3 Begins and ends with a triangle. Beg Triangle: With MC, ch 2, draw up lp in first ch from hook and pick up lp in side of first row of first square of strip 2 (3 lps on hook), [yo, draw through 2 lps] 2 times. Rep from * to * of beg triangle, strip 1. Sl st in first bound off st of square 1, strip 2. Work squares of strip same as squares of strip 2. End with triangle, same as end triangle, strip 1. Peaks of the border echo the blanket’s diamond motif. REMAINING STRIPS Work

one piece, with rows of shells divided by ridges formed of front post and back post double crochet stitches. HEIRLOOM BABY BLANKET YARN Medium-weight acrylic yarn 1,400 yd (1,200 m) HOOK 8/H (5 mm) STITCHES USED Double crochet Front post double crochet Back post double crochet GAUGE 3 shell patterns = 4" (10 cm) NOTION Tapestry needle FINISHED SIZE 30" × 40" (76 × 102 cm) Front post and back post double crochet stitches form ridges between shells. BLANKET Blanket is worked in 1

next sc, rep from * across, end 1 dc in top of tch, turn. Rep row 1, working 10 rows in A, 2 rows in B. (It is okay to carry A loosely up 2 rows of B, but you will have to cut B and restart each time.) Cont in this manner until you have 6 A stripes and 5 B stripes, do not fasten off, turn. BORDER Row 1: With right side facing you, cont with A, * work 1 sc in each sc across to corner (62 sts), 3 sc in corner, cont along side, 10 sc in each A section, 2 sc in each B section (70 sc), 3 sc in

will be divided by a V-st. Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as a dc, now and throughout), sk first dc, *1 dc in each dc to next V-st, V-st in ch-1 sp of next V-st, rep from * 3 times, 1 dc in each dc to end, 1 dc in top of turning ch, turn. Rows 3–13 (3–14): Rep row 3, inc 8 sts in every row. There will be 22 (24) sts on right front, 35 (38) on sleeve, 42 (46) sts on back, 35 (38) on sleeve, 22 (24) sts on left front: 156 (170) dc plus 4 ch-1 sps total. DIVIDE FOR SLEEVES AND BODY Row 1: Ch 3, sk first

armhole edge. Shape Neck Work in established patt across first 14 (15, 16) sts, turn, leaving rem 11 (12, 13) sts unworked. Cont working in established patt, dec 1 st at neck edge on each of next 3 rows. Work even on rem 11 (12, 13) sts until armhole measures 5 (5 1/2, 6)" [12.5 (14. 15) cm] from beg. End off. SLEEVES Cuff: With smaller hook, ch 34 (36, 38). Foundation Row: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in each ch across, turn—33 (35, 37) sc. Row 1: Ch 1 (counts as first sc), sk first

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