Strangers in Death

Strangers in Death

J. D. Robb

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0425222896

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


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In 2060 New York, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is about to discover how the ties that bind strangers can kill.


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to help at Mrs. Plowder’s, and told me what she would pay for my time, which is more than it should be. It was then she told me I would have a raise in salary when I returned to work tomorrow, and that she depended on me to help her through this difficult time.” Greta looked down at the hands folded in her lap, nodded. “It was then, Lieutenant, I decided I would begin to look for other employment. Only this morning, I contacted an agency for this purpose.” “She miscalculated with you, Greta.

any potential client. For safety, and to give myself a sense of them. A fairly early, fairly brief marriage, if I’m remembering right.” “He’s an operator. Struck me that way. A womanizer with more money than morals and a really high opinion of himself. Nothing like the type I’d have put her with.” “She was young. Younger,” Charles said. “She walked away from the marriage with a nice financial settlement, after she caught him with another woman. One she’d introduced him to, and according to

approached the kitchen. On a small metal table sat a white plastic laundry basket. From it, Bebe took a shirt, then folded it with quick, efficient moves. “You don’t need to sit,” she snapped out. “Say what you have to say.” “Ava Anders.” The hands hesitated only a second, then pulled out another shirt. “What about her?” “You’re acquainted.” “My boys are in the Anders sports programs.” “You’ve attended Mrs. Anders’s seminars and mothers’ breaks. Retreats?” “That’s right.” “And both your

and it dispenses, IDing by slot. “Well, you liked your gadgets, Tommy, and she knew it.” She put in a call to EDD expecting to get the acting captain, and was surprised to hit Feeney. “So. You’re alive.” “Back in the saddle.” He grinned at her. “Feel like a couple billion, tax-free. Whatever they gave me knocked the bastard out of me. Or the wife’s chicken soup did.” “Glad to hear it. I’ve got this thing. Electronic pill dispenser.” “Why in hell would anybody need that?” “Your guess is as

considerate.” “Don’t eat all the damn bacon, McNab.” Feeney muscled him aside to claim his own. “There’s ham, too,” McNab told him with his mouth full of it. “When you all finish stuffing food in your faces, maybe you could listen up.” “I got no problem listening while I’m stuffing.” Feeney glanced around. “You?” “Well, damn it, everybody just fill it up and sit down with it somewhere.” Cops and food, she thought. Put them in the same room, invite chaos. “This is a goddamn official briefing

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