Steam Engine Stories (Thomas & Freinds)

Steam Engine Stories (Thomas & Freinds)

Wilbert Awdry

Language: English

Pages: 10

ISBN: 2:00282964

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FILLED WITH GENTLE humor and lots of photo illustrations, here are three favorite stories straight from the classic Thomas DVDs. First, Thomas is eager to hear the Legend of Proteus' Lamp. Next, James gets a new coat, and doesn't want to ruin it by working too hard. And finally, a beautiful golden eagle has been spotted on Sodor. Thomas loves birds, but the eagle never seems to be anywhere that Thomas can see it.

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to deliver the winches and wires to the Incline.” “No problem, old buddy. I’ll show you the way.” And Harold took to the air. His strong light shone brightly and showed Peter Sam the right way to the Incline. Later, on his way home, Peter Sam couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. “Maybe,” puffed Peter Sam quietly, “you don’t have to see the magic lamp for your wishes to come true. Maybe it’s enough just to believe in it.” All Sir Topham Hatt’s engines like to look clean, bright, and

passengers up and down the Branch Lines. Gordon was pulling the Express. Sir Topham Hatt came to see James. He told him to join Percy at the coal plant—at once. “The coal cars must reach Brendam Docks before the boat sails. So no dillydallying,” he said. “Yes, Sir,” said James. And he set off at once. But James didn’t go straight to the coal plant. He decided to go by the canal instead. Then he could see himself in the water for yard after yard after yard …. “Magnificent,” he puffed. James

When James rolled into the coal plant, it was late in the afternoon. Percy was cross. So was the Yard Manager. “To make up for lost time,” he said, “you must take an extra-long line of coal cars to the Docks.” James was delighted. The Docks were always bustling with engines and people. “It’s the place to be seen,” he said. “The Troublesome Trucks are being very naughty,” warned Percy, but James still wasn’t listening. James puffed along, looking forward to being seen, but the Troublesome

Trucks were naughtier than ever. They rocked and rolled and crashed and bashed. James’ face was soon covered in soot. Going downhill, the Troublesome Trucks wiggled and giggled. James had to put his brakes on with a jolt. Coal tumbled out of the Troublesome Trucks, landing on James. James was cross and biffed the Troublesome Trucks as hard as he could. More coal flew out! Now James didn’t want to be seen. He was as dirty as he had ever been, but on his way to the Docks, he kept passing his

Bird-watchers are coming from far and wide.” Thomas and Percy both wanted to take the bird-watchers to Bluffs Cove and see the golden eagle. But Sir Topham Hatt chose Emily. “Percy, you are to collect milk from the Dairy,” said Sir Topham Hatt. “And, Thomas, you are to collect stone from the quarry. It must reach Brendam Docks before the boat sails.” Sir Topham Hatt left. Thomas and Percy were disappointed. “I wish I was taking the bird-watchers,” Percy said sadly. “And I wish I could see

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