Squeaky Bum Time: The Wit & Wisdom (& Hairdryer) of Sir Alex Ferguson

Squeaky Bum Time: The Wit & Wisdom (& Hairdryer) of Sir Alex Ferguson

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1845136276

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He is simultaneously the most admired and feared manager in British football. During almost forty years in the dugout, and over half a century in the professional game, he’s torn up the record books, amassed a treasure trove of silverware, and unleashed the hairdryer—as well as the odd football boot—on countless players, rival managers, referees, and journalists. But amid the sound, the fury and the mind-games lurks one of sport’s greatest wits. So here we present Sir Alex Ferguson: uncompromising, unrivalled and uncut. On Arsène Wenger: "They say he’s an intelligent man, right? Speaks five languages! I’ve got a fifteen-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast who speaks five languages." On Dennis Wise: "He could start a row in an empty house.' On referees: ‘Can anyone tell me why they give referees a watch? It’s certainly not for keeping the time.’ On his humble beginnings: ‘People say mine was a poor upbringing. I don't know what they mean. It was tough, but it wasn't bloody poor. We maybe didn't have a TV. We didn't have a car. We didn't even have a phone. But I thought I had everything, and I did: I had a football.’ After the winning the European Cup in 1999: ‘I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Football, eh? Bloody hell.’

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remind yourself that time in his company, with the shackles off, is both a privilege and an education. The mind goes back to that night in Moscow, in 2008, before the Champions League final against Chelsea when Ferguson’s demeanour was more like a man arriving for a family barbecue than a manager on the cusp of his single most important match since the turn of the century. ‘I love you all,’ he cried out, his eyes sparkling, spreading out his arms in the manner of the Pope. ‘I have come to spread

have betrayed that man. You feel as if you have to sneak round corners, feel as if you are some kind of criminal.’ 1989 ‘God works in mysterious ways. Maybe it was the final lesson for us, the ultimate experience in humility and a reminder to our younger players how it feels to have victory snatched away at the moment it seems in your grasp.’ After a late collapse in the league meant United had gone 25 years without the title 1992 ‘The important thing is that we must not allow ourselves to

days you know one misplaced word or clumsy question might set off that hair-trigger temper. Yet, even when he is at his most terse and obstreperous, Ferguson will nearly always give us a decent line. Then he will wrap it up and send us on our way, with the classic payoff line ‘away and write yer shite.’ What we know is that we are dealing with a man who is unrivalled when it comes to working the media. Ferguson has always known the back pages can be used to his advantage, whether it be

you come to realise that, more often than not, he comes armed with what he wants to say. Sometimes he will improvise, but generally he knows what to deliver and when. All it takes is a one-liner and the back pages are instantly cleared for him. ‘It’s squeaky-bum time,’ he told us one spring morning, in the midst of an epic title run-in with Arsenal. Which other manager could come up with a saying that would go on to be immortalised in the Collins English Dictionary? ‘Squeaky bum time’ is now an

alcohol was doing to his life. He would sit there and just nod in agreement, then walk out the door and carry on as before.’ On Paul McGrath 2000 ‘Peter [Barnes] was always a bit mixed up. He blamed the game for changing because he didn’t fancy the idea of working back as a winger. He totally failed to realise that all the great players have worked. Ruud Gullit works as hard as the rest of his team and they once put a pedometer on Di Stefano and found that he covered more ground than anyone

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