Sparkle the Circus Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 1)

Sparkle the Circus Pony (Magic Pony Carousel, Book 1)

Poppy Shire

Language: English

Pages: 27


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Magic Pony Carousel has come to town! Megan loves ponies. When she sees Sparkle, a beautiful circus pony with a pink headdress, she knows he's meant for her. Then she climbs onto Sparkle and the carousel magically carries them to a real circus, where the performers need Megan's help with their grand finale. Can Megan and Sparkle save the circus?

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vaulting in gymnastics,” Megan said. “But I’ve never vaulted onto a pony.” The circus pony arched his neck and snorted, then reached his nose out toward Megan. “Come on!” he urged her. “Try it!” “I think he wants you to try.” Juliet laughed. “Anyone would think he knows exactly what we’re talking about!” Megan grinned. She couldn’t tell Juliet that Sparkle was joining in the conversation. She looked into the pony’s soft brown eyes and stroked his nose. She knew she could trust him to take care

the ring again. Once he was moving in a nice, steady rhythm, Megan stood up on his back, holding the umbrella in one hand. “Try twirling it first,” Juliet called. Megan looked down at the umbrella. That made her wobble, and she quickly looked straight ahead again. Maybe she could spin the umbrella without looking at it. But when she tried, she wobbled again. It was much harder to balance when she couldn’t hold her arms out sideways. “Try holding the umbrella closer to your body,” Juliet

behind you.” Her fingers and toes started to tingle. Maybe there was something she could do for the grand finale after all! But doing gymnastics on Sparkle’s back was going to be very different from performing on a floor covered in rubber mats. “I don’t think I could do handstands,” she warned Sparkle, “but I could try some arabesques. Look, I’ll show you.” First she did some stretches to warm up. Then she held on to her heel and lifted her foot so that her leg stuck straight up beside her

Mr. Scarletti said he could take Clumpy’s place in the show tonight!” “With the clowns?” Juliet said. “That’s a brilliant idea!” She gave Megan a hug. “Iris was just telling me that the acrobats were going to give up on the human pyramid, because it wasn’t working. They’re going to do their usual routine instead.” Megan clapped her hands together. “Then everything’s working out perfectly!” She laughed. But then she felt those butterflies in her tummy again. There was still one more thing. She

went even better than it had the night before. As she did her final somersault, Megan heard everyone clapping, and she breathed a sigh of relief. “Well done!” called Raj. “We’ll be proud to have you with us!” “Did you hear that, Sparkle?” whispered Megan. “I think it means that we’re on!” Once the other riders had gone through their tricks, Megan and Juliet took Sparkle to the stables to get him ready. Juliet couldn’t get her sling wet so Megan washed his mane and tail, then brushed them

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