Sitting My Way Through Life

Sitting My Way Through Life

Language: English

Pages: 61


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A humorous look at an acting career in Hollywood.

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never forget, I was laying in the desert, supposedly dying from this curse. There was a 500 pound camera right above me. They instructed me to look at the camera and focus on a certain spot. Once I was focused they started rotating the camera. “Now die.” I’m thinking, “What the hell do you want? Make your instructions clearer.” Actually, I was thinking..”I HOPE that thing is counterbalanced! I don’t want to die even if I am getting paid for this.” When I worked with these people in the art

next scene with Palmer.” Well, I’m thinking I’ve got another page of dialogue before I have to come on. My friend Elyse is saying “You’ve missed your cue! Get out there!” So I’ve got this great big hat with a big diamond broach and I’m trying to hold it on while I run onto the stage. I see the stage supervisor giving me this glare. If looks could kill there would have been a new king that day. I did another play, The Tempest, with the same actor out in the park. He was playing Prospero and I was

there, The Pigeon Roost, takes place in the first century A.D. Well, all the actors had scrolls that they would have to read. Being 19, I grabbed up a whole bunch of Playboy and Playgirl magazines, cut out the pictures, and plastered them in these scrolls so when they opened them up there were these pictures. The actors couldn’t turn away to hide their faces because of course the audience was all around them! Another time on stage, I had to play 20 different characters. The play consisted of

Los Angeles mountains on dirt roads. At one point they are towing me which wasn’t so bad, but then I had to drive it myself. As I’m driving, I have to throw this litter that the car is filled with out of the window (because I’m The Litterbug), and at the same time there’s this smoke machine blowing smoke into my face while I’m driving. Now I’m hitting boulders and driving on the edge of this cliff! The next scene has me driving along and as I’m going, they drop a tree in front of me and another

Teenage Boy Cat (the one that fetches) m e r ’ s Ponde rin g s Q: Is there anything you wouldn’t do on screen? A: I don’t know. To me, if you are doing something you don’t want to do but can still make it believable, that is the biggest challenge. Fortunately, no one has asked me to do full nudity, but my butt has been all over the place. Chapter 5 Lines and Kids and Dogs, Oh My! Every actor knows you should never work with kids and animals. We’ve thrown in a couple of

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