Simple Style: 19 Innovative to Traditional Designs with Simple Knitting Techniques

Simple Style: 19 Innovative to Traditional Designs with Simple Knitting Techniques

Ann Budd

Language: English

Pages: 227


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From simple stripes to intricate Fair Isle patterns, this resource provides a solid foundation and numerous examples of the best ways to bring knits to life. Full of gorgeous patterns and clear instructions, 15 top knitwear designers - including Véronik Avery, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, and Shirley Paden - provide inspiration and practical projects for the beginning and experienced knitter alike. From an easy-to-knit pullover that alternates narrow stripes of solid and variegated yarns to a multicolored Fair Isle cardigan worked with steeks, this guidebook is filled with projects that take advantage of the countless ways in which knits can be enriched with color.

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8½)" (18 [19, 20.5, 20.5, 21.5] cm). Shape Shoulders At each armhole edge, BO 5 (6, 6, 6, 7) sts 2 times, then BO rem 6 (6, 8, 8, 8) sts. BACK Return 77 (85, 93, 101, 109) back sts to smaller cir needle. Rejoin yarn with RS facing. Shape Armholes BO 4 (5, 5, 6, 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows, then BO 2 (2, 3, 3, 4) sts at beg of foll 2 rows—65 (71, 77, 83, 89) sts rem. Dec 1 st each end of needle every RS row 5 (5, 6, 7, 8) times—55 (61, 65, 69, 73) sts rem. Work even until

sts across back neck, and 25 (27, 27, 29, 29) sts along left front edge, ending at end of left placket—88 (94, 94, 100, 100) sts total. Knit 2 rows. BO all sts kwise. Short Ties (make 2) With crochet hook and leaving a tail about 6" (15 cm) long, make a ch (see Glossary for crochet instructions) about 12 (12, 12¾, 13½, 14)" (30.5 [30.5, 32.5, 34.5, 35.5] cm) long. Beg with second ch from hook, work sl st in each ch to end of ch. Fasten off, leaving a tail about 6" (15 cm) long. With tails

If you don’t have blocking wires, lay the pieces flat on the padded surface and use pins to straighten the selvedge edges. (For more information about blocking, see page 123). Block the Pieces Before seaming Beautiful seams depend on properly prepared edges. EMPIRE SWING CARDIGAN Therese Chynoweth ORGANIC COTTON HENLEY Micki Hair PAIRED INCREASES In this book, the designers used two common types of increases—raised increases and lifted increases—to produce a stitch that slants

working with dark yarn. Pair increases and decreases for a symmetrical and polished look. Quit when you’re tired or frustrated with a pattern. Chances are that it won’t seem so daunting when you’re fresh and rested. Read all sections of the instructions before you proceed. Doing so will alert you to what’s coming up and help you prepare for the next step. Sew seams carefully to avoid unsightly puckers. Take time to do your best job. Don’t rush things and risk sloppy results. Understand the

cotton, 25% acrylic microfiber; 175 yd [160 m]/50 g): #461 calm (natural), 6 (7, 8, 9) skeins. NEEDLES Body—size U.S. 7 (4.5 mm): 24" (60 cm) circular (cir). Applied I-cord—size U.S. 6 (4 mm): 24" (60 cm) cir. Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge. NOTIONS Markers (m); tapestry needle; ¾" (2 cm) non-rolling waistband elastic to measure 1" (2.5 cm) less than actual waist measurement; sharp-point sewing needle; matching sewing thread. GAUGE 21 stitches and 33 rows = 4"

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