Sew Wild: Creating With Stitch and Mixed Media

Sew Wild: Creating With Stitch and Mixed Media

Alisa Burke

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1596683503

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sew Wild liberates you! Enjoy unlimited freedom to color, pattern, and customize your own fabric with fun, spectacular results. Get wild with printing, painting, drawing, stenciling, and other surface design methods and unique materials such as plastic bags, photographs, and cardboard. Dive into 12 simple sewing projects to make colorful, wearable, and hip designs, including a stunning wall quilt, adorable hats for kids or adults, a pretty wreath, cuff bracelets, and a modern ruffled apron.

Artist Alisa Burke demonstrates many of the techniques and essentials of surface design and sewing on an included DVD. In addition to the in-depth video instruction, you'll get a bonus project exclusively on the DVD.

Whether you're already a rule-breaker or you're looking to improvise, Sew Wild shows you how to create fabric and designs that explode with color, pattern, and soul.

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screen from an inexpensive wooden embroidery hoop is just about the easiest way to create a screenprinted image or design that can be used over and over again. When I’m short on time and money, I employ these easy methods that have been floating around the crafting world for a while. What You’ll Need: Two-part wooden embroidery hoop Mesh fabric for screen Pencil Paintbrushes Gel medium Plain light-colored woven fabric to print on Screenprinting ink or textile paint Stiff cardboard

the fabric (fig. 7). 8Repeat across the entire surface to create a pattern (fig. 8). 9When the ink or paint is dry, heat-set it according to the manufacturer’s directions, if needed. Variation: PICTURE FRAME SCREENPRINTING You can also use a picture frame to make an inexpensive frame for screenprinting; a larger frame allows for a larger screen and more pattern. Just remove the glass and lay the frame on a flat surface. Trim mesh fabric to the size of the frame plus an additional 1" to

fleece. FINISHED SIZE 4" × 70" (10 × 178 cm) MATERIALS 9" × 70" (23 × 178 cm) solid color jersey knit fabric Painted and altered t-shirt and jersey fabric scraps in a variety of colors Thread in desired colors TOOLS Fabric scissors Pins Sewing machine Sewing machine needle for knit fabrics 1Using the colorful painted and altered t-shirt scraps, cut out a variety of strips, squares, and shapes. 2Arrange the scraps on the 9" × 70" (23 × 178 cm) strip of jersey. Experiment with

work outside or in a ventilated area, wear a mask, and wear gloves. Be sure to rinse the fabric completely when you’ve achieved the look you want. All-purpose glue is an easy and affordable material that I use to create a resist pattern on fabric (see page 50). It dries fast, is easy to wash out, and the applicator tip on most bottles is the perfect shape for drawing fine lines and details. Elmer’s is a popular and inexpensive brand. Mod Podge is a water-based acrylic sealer and glue

text, colors, and textures. Alternative materials such as photographs, book pages, and packaging add texture to your surfaces. Sewing through these materials will dull your needle quickly, so you’ll want to change to a new needle when you switch back to sewing fabric. Make sure your needle is large enough to penetrate your materials and sew carefully while you adjust to the difference between fabric and other items. When sewing lightweight metal, be very careful; wear safety glasses and go

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