Rotten Romans

Rotten Romans

Terry Deary

Language: English

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ISBN: 0590738933

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A fact-filled treasury on ancient Rome celebrates the lesser-known daily realities of the period, such as what the Britons used to make their hair spiky and why rich Romans needed vomitoriums.

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aim of the game is to keep the bladder-ball in the air as long as possible. • Easy? Then add two more balls so that each player has one. There is no set order for passing the ball. You may have to pass your ball while receiving two from the other players! (Game hint: It helps to have three hands.) • If you drop a ball you lose a point. The winner is the one with the fewest drops in the time – say five minutes. (If you can’t find a dead pig then use tennis balls.) Knucklebones • If your

was drained off and drunk or used as a sauce – the way you may sprinkle tomato ketchup on your chips. (This may sound a fishy story, but it’s true!) 12 The Romans ate chicken, duck and goose, just as we still do. But the Romans probably served them at the table with the heads cut off but the feet still on! 13 In Roman times there were storks living in Britain. The Romans ate those too. (Could you tell stork from mutton?) 14 Horse bones have been found at Verulamium, which shows that the Romans

ate horse-meat sausages. (Neigh! It’s true!) 15 For vegetables, the Romans used some pretty odd things. Would you have eaten a salad made with dandelion leaves? How about an egg custard made with nettles? Or perhaps you’d prefer some stewed seaweed? These things are still eaten today in various parts of the world. 16 Sometimes, Roman banquet guests would drop rose petals into their wine. 17 At one meal, Heliogabalus served his guests 600 ostrich brains. 18 He also served peas mixed with

Rail rebuilt that platform in 1988 and aren’t too keen to have it dug up again to find out if the archaeologists are right. But if you’re ever standing on Platform 8 of King’s Cross and a big, red–haired woman asks you, “What time’s the next chariot to Camulodounum…?” Did you know? A mysterious funeral ceremony took place near London in the second century AD. A grave has been discovered in an underground room but it contains no human bodies. There are just two carvings of men who look like

herself! Sticky end: When he knew that the Roman Army had deserted him and rebels were coming to arrest him, he placed a sword to his throat. One of his friends gave him a push. The arresting officer arrived as he bled to death. Ten funny fact about Roman emperors 1 Emperor Caligula’s real name was Gaius. Caligula was just a nickname meaning “little boot”. This was hecause he liked dressing up and playing at being a soldier from a very early age. 2 Caligula wanted to copy Julius Caesar and

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