Rory's Glory

Rory's Glory

Justin Doyle

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1782811303

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After a fantastic start to his professional golf career with two majors in the bag, child prodigy and golf superstar Rory McIlroy suddenly hit a wall. His successes thinned out and he started to slide down the world rankings. Rory was making more headlines off the course and on the front pages of the tabloids after a legal dispute with his former management team Horizon; the constant press speculation as to whether he would represent Great Britain or Ireland in the Olympics; and his on-off relationship with Caroline Wozniacki, which led to a New Years Eve engagement in Australia and then the sudden shock split as wedding invitations were being prepared. Then, after all the traumas, came a double triumph in the summer in 2014 which Rory personally described as "an unbelievable summer and the greatest golf of my life." Two more majors followed in just four weeks - The British Open and the USPGA - which put Rory in putting distance of becoming only the sixth man in history to win Golf's Grand Slam as he looks to add the illusive US Masters to his resume.

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me and it seems evident that he would have done the exact same thing as the referee who ruled that day: Sprinkler heads are obstructions by definition - anything artificial - and clearly it is immovable. Therefore Rule 24-2 applies and if a sprinkler head interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player is entitled to relief without penalty. If the player wishes to take relief, he must find the nearest point where there is no longer any interference from the obstruction

Ryder Cups. The American responded to the crowds urgings and was 2-up through six holes. Then another taunt cried out: ‘Hey Ian, where are your coloured shoes?’ But what the crowds failed to realise was that they were only fuelling his fire. They may have felt that they had a new ‘Colin Montgomerie’ to target, a new ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, and so they just could not contain themselves. Poulter blotted it all out and he just focussed on the job against Simpson. So much so that when he birdied the

Top level professional sport and business can be cruel. However, when their careers finish, the love that was suppressed for the good of their careers will rekindle and flow again in a different sense. Over many years into the future, many memories will flood back into their separate lives. Their lovely honest hearts will flutter at the thoughts and feelings behind those images until the day they die. In the short term, their love will remain strong in an altogether new setting. They will feel

frowned upon. Those forces governing the course at Wells Fargo adore Rory and the feeling is mutual. Even the sound of that tournament is phonetically one of the nicest in golf – the Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow. It must make Rory want to eat quail for dinner and quail eggs for breakfast because he is rarely out of the top 10 there and holds the course record. So it proved again at Wells Fargo as three weeks later he matched his Masters finish with another eighth place. He went from one extreme

put a few smiles on faces when he again referred to his darting home for a day or two. He explained: It’s amazing what a night in your own bed can do. I was standing in the shower in Denver [BMW in Colorado] on Monday and I just thought to myself ‘why am I traveling to Atlanta today’. So I didn’t and I went home to Florida for a day and a half! He had plenty more to say at the obligatory eve of tournament press conference and with regard to possibly winning the Fedex Cup for the first time. He

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