Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Language: English

Pages: 546

ISBN: 1523895225

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3 is the first part in the massive history of the end of the Han dynasty.

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Ts'ao was odiously arrogant and overweening and the chief conspirator's disgust was so intense that he fell ill. Hearing of his indisposition the Emperor sent the Court physician to see his "State Uncle." The Court physician at this time was a native of Loyang, named Chi T'ai, more commonly known as Chi P'ing. He was very famous. He devoted himself wholly to the treatment of his Court patient. Living in his Palace and seeing him at all times he soon found that some secret grief was sorely

proposed that a band should go over pretending to be deserters. Ts'ao assented and then called the two brothers Lu, to whom he gave whispered orders. They left with their companies. Soon they came near the pass and called out, saying,"We are old officers in Yuan's armies forced into surrender to Ts'ao. We find him so false and he treats us so meanly that we want to return to help our old master. Wherefore quickly open your gates to us." Kao Kan was suspicious, but he let the two officers come

Jen was only too glad, and the expedition set out. The scouts reported this to Yuan-te who turned to Tan Fu for advice. Tan Fu said,"They must not be permitted to cross the boundary. Send your two brothers right and left, one to attack the enemy on the march, the other to cut off the retreat. You and Chao Yun will make a front attack." The two brothers started and then Yuan-te went out at the gate with three companies to oppose the enemy. Before they had gone far they saw a great cloud of dust

(Po-fu), Ch'uan (Chung-mou), I (Shu-pi) and K'uang (Chi-tso). His wife's sister was his second wife, and she bore him a son and daughter, the former called Lang (Tsao-an), the latter Jen. He had also adopted a son from the Yu family named Shao (Kung-li). And he had a younger brother named Ching (Yu-t'ai). As Sun Chien was leaving on this expedition his brother with all his sons stood near his steed and dissuaded him, saying,"Tung Cho is the real ruler of the State for the Emperor is a weakling.

sacrifices and ceremonies a burial place for the late Prefect was found close to the source of the Yellow River. The dead man's testament was forwarded to Court. The news of the events in Hsuchou duly reached the ears of Ts'ao Ts'ao, then in Chuanch'eng. Said he, angrily,"I have missed my revenge. This Liu has simply stepped into command of the district without expending half an arrow; he sat still and attained his desire. But I will put him to death and then dig up T'ao's corpse in revenge for

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