Roadside Crosses: A Kathryn Dance Novel

Roadside Crosses: A Kathryn Dance Novel

Jeffery Deaver

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 1416550003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Astonishing" (New York Times Book Review) suspense master Jeffery Deaver brings back investigative agent Kathryn Dance (The Sleeping Doll) in a timely and chilling bestseller.

Roadside crosses are appearing along the highways of the Monterey Peninsula, not as memorials to past accidents but as markers for fatalities yet to come . . . and someone, armed with information gleaned from careless and all-too-personal blog postings, intends to carry out those killings. Kathryn Dance and her C.B.I. team know when the attacks will take place, but who will be the victims? Her body language expertise leads her to a recent fatal car crash, and to the driver, Travis Brigham, a gaming-obsessed teen who’s become the target of vicious cyberbullies. And when Travis disappears, Kathryn must lead a furious manhunt in the elusive world of bloggers and social networking, where nothing is as it seems. . . .

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Brigham, “A serious crime was committed. We need to talk to everyone who might be involved. And your son is involved. Can you confirm he was at the Game Shed last night?” “I was out. But that’s none of your business. And listen up, my boy didn’t have nothing to do with any attacks. You staying’s trespassing, isn’t it?” He lifted a bushy eyebrow as he lit a cigarette, waved the match out and dropped it accurately into the ashtray. “And you,” he snapped to Travis. “You’re going to be late for

separate drive. I thought you’d want to see it.” “You bet.” Dance had a thought. “You have plans tonight?” “No, I’ve put my cat burglary plans on hold while I’m helping you guys.” “Bring the computer over to my house. I’m having my mother and father and a few friends over for dinner.” “Well, sure.” She gave him the address and a time. They disconnected. As Dance stood beside her car in the hospital parking lot she noticed several aides and nurses leaving for the day. They were staring at

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