Quilting with a Modern Slant: People, Patterns, and Techniques Inspiring the Modern Quilt Community

Quilting with a Modern Slant: People, Patterns, and Techniques Inspiring the Modern Quilt Community

Rachel May

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1612120636

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Modern quilting allows artists the freedom to expand on traditions and use fabrics, patterns, colors, and stitching innovatively to create exciting fresh designs. In Quilting with a Modern Slant, Rachel May introduces you to more than 70 modern quilters who have developed their own styles, methods, and aesthetics. Their ideas, quilts, tips, tutorials, and techniques will inspire you to try something new and follow your own creativity — wherever it leads.

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the world and in the States. The founders even mention on their website that some quilts have been made as “classroom projects” — a great way for kids to get involved. To get involved yourself, find them at wraptheminlove.com. B umble B eanB asics Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s goal is to donate 700 quilts to the Bronx’s Basics/Promesa program, which provides housing and support for individuals and families. If you’d like to donate, go to bumblebeanbasics.com. A le x an dra Le dg e rwo od

out. Press. Topstitch the whole way around the pillow. q ui lti ng fr o m Traditio n Quilt.FinalPages.indd 126 10/18/13 1:28 PM meet K ati e B l akes ley Women’s Tradition, Today While Katie come s from a Mormon background with a rich history of quilting, it’s the community she’s found at Sewing Summit and Quilt Market that helps fuel her quiltmaking. “Having met in person people whom I admire has helped so much with collaborating. Having a face to a name is so Geese in a V by Katie

or another. Whether they’ve enlarged plants and flowers so that the details sing out in bright color and beautiful appliqué, or arranged large and small circles across a quilt top, they’re taking that sense of play that we talked about in the last chapter, and using it to explore composition. You might be inspired to experiment with more detailed hand- or machineappliqué, focus in very closely on one detail from your world and recreate it in fabric. Blow it up to 50 times its size, or collage

looking closely, and it shows in the details in her work — the veiny ferns interlocking, or the barbed edge of a plant that makes it distinct from all others. She laughs and says that she’s glad her filmmaker husband took pictures of the kids when they were small, because “all my pictures are of leaves and flowers.” Life Totem by Jane Sassaman, 23" × 71" While s he s ays she really is a “less is more girl” at heart, she describes her work as “opulent,” and indeed it is: lush green leaves

mother’s being discovered by a fashion designer that took them to Japan. “It’s definitely helped my design eye,” Rashida says, and thus grew her Zakka style. My st yle g rew to be more like that of the Japanese quilts. I found a book called Handmade Zakka, and I thought, “I LOVE this book!” My work is very similar — I love the linens and simplicity, and the patchwork with a burst of color. I spent a lot of time in Japan as a girl, and there was always a lot of Zakka stuff there. Zakka is like

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