Professional Visual Studio 2013 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

Professional Visual Studio 2013 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

Bruce Johnson

Language: English

Pages: 1104

ISBN: 1118832043

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Comprehensive guide to Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio is your essential tool for Windows programming. Visual Studio 2013 features important updates to the user interface and to productivity. In Professional Visual Studio 2013, author, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Microsoft Visual C# MVP Bruce Johnson brings three decades of industry experience to guide you through the update, and he doesn't just gloss over the basics. With his unique IDE-centric approach, he steers into the nooks and crannies to help you use Visual Studio 2013 to its maximum potential.

  • Choose from more theme options, check out the new icons, and make your settings portable
  • Step up your workflow with hover colors, auto brace completion, peek, and CodeLens
  • Code ASP.NET faster than ever with new shortcuts
  • Get acquainted with the new SharePoint 2013 environment
  • Find your way around the new XAML editor for Windows Store apps

Visual Studio 2013 includes better support for advanced debugging techniques, vast improvements to the visual database tools, and new support for UI testing for Windows Store apps. This update is the key to smoother, quicker programming, and Professional Visual Studio 2013 is your map to everything inside.

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