Prey on Patmos (Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mysteries)

Prey on Patmos (Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mysteries)

Jeffrey Siger

Language: English

Pages: 252

ISBN: 1590587685

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Saint John wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation over 1900 years ago in a cave on Greece’s eastern Aegean island of Patmos. When a revered monk from that holy island’s thousand year-old monastery is murdered in Patmos’ town square during Easter Week, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis of Greece’s Twenty-First Century Special Crimes Division is called upon to find the killer before all hell breaks loose…in a manner of speaking.
Andreas’ impolitic search for answers brings him face-to-face with a scandal haunting the world’s oldest surviving monastic community. On the pristine Aegean peninsula of Mount Athos, isolated from the rest of humanity, twenty monasteries sit protecting the secrets of Byzantium amid a way of life virtually unchanged for more than 1500 years. But today this sacred refuge harbors modern international intrigues that threaten to destroy the very heart of the Church…in a matter of days.

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but also frightened.’ Probably something like the feeling Andreas now had. ‘He said I “must” see what he’d found “immediately.” I tried calming him down, but he wouldn’t listen. He invoked Revelation, saying I must see it now, “for the time is at hand.” He was quoting from the opening lines of Revelation, the part some say first warns of the coming Apocalypse.’ The man drew in and let out a breath. ‘I told him to e-mail me whatever it was. He said he knew my assistant screened my e-mails and he

videotaped and photographed everything.’ Great, thought Andreas. Now I’ve got the police chief, the mayor, and the head of the monastery working together at screwing up this investigation. He shook his head. ‘Just move everybody back and lift the tarp.’ ‘The captain said not to touch it without his okay.’ Now he sounded as if he were giving an order. At six feet two inches tall, Andreas was about a head taller than the sergeant, and Kouros, though an inch or so shorter and at least a foot

know him, and if you want him to include you in his partying …’ She waved her hand in the air. ‘No doubt what you’ll need.’ ‘And what would that be?’ She smiled. ‘To put it in the common vernacular, “the hottest piece of ass on the planet.”’ Deadpan, Andreas said, ‘But you have to be at your parents.’ Lila pointed at him. ‘Very good answer.’ Then laughed. ‘So we’ll have to find you the second hottest. And only one, because if you show up with more than one he’ll get insecure, think you’re

flat-out denials. Assuming of course there was no other way to prove he was lying. You get in trouble when you try building a story. An experienced examiner will tear you to shreds.’ ‘Or he really didn’t know what we were talking about.’ Anatoly nodded. ‘Yes, but do you believe that?’ Vladimir shook his head no. ‘I heard him, I know what he said. I know what he planned on giving me.’ ‘Then he’s frightened.’ ‘Could it be just another part of the con, a way of reinforcing what he said last

the table, and not by choice. ‘The baby’s on the wagon,’ was Lila’s excuse to every wellwisher passing by their table and offering a toast. It was two thirty in the morning and Lila was text messaging furiously. Reading, writing, reading, writing. ‘What’s going on?’ Andreas asked. ‘It’s Barbara. You can’t believe what she’s telling me.’ His heart stopped. Deny, deny, deny. No, not this time. He thought to beat her to the punch. ‘Lila—’ She burst out laughing. ‘I don’t believe her. She’s one

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