Pot Holders, Pinchers & More: 20 Colorful Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen

Pot Holders, Pinchers & More: 20 Colorful Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1592173721

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Too cute to hide under a hot pot, the unique and fun pot holder sets featured in this book can be made with small pieces of fabric. Great as gifts or to keep at home, each project can be customized using a variety of patterns and a personal color palette. The designs include a double-handed hot dog mitt for that next barbeque, a bright and cheery “Fresh and Fruity” set to accent a summer table, “Winter Holidaze” to make a cozy party more festive, and a modern theme called “Black, White, and Red All Over.” Sure to delight both the beginner and experienced sewer, this project book contains full-color photos, complete instructions, patterns, and templates that allow for quick-and-easy creation of unique and amazing pot holders, double-handed mitts, and pinchers.

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insulating batting facing the heat source. 1. Layer two 4 x 8-inch white with black rectangles, right sides together, with one 4 x 8-inch cotton batting rectangle. Pin and stitch along one 8-inch side (Figure 1); trim batting close to seam. batting /4" 1 batting Figure 1 2. Flip one white with black rectangle right side up with batting layer between fabric layers referring to Figure 1 to make a finger pocket. Press flat. Repeat to make two finger pockets. Po t H o l d e r s , P i n c h e r s

needle-punched insulating batting close to the stitching. Carefully clip curves and turn right side out, gently pulling bottom lace trim away from apron and pushing corners out. 13. Fold opening seam allowance to inside and press. Hand-stitch opening closed. 14. Topstitch 1/4-inch from edges. Stitch-in-the-ditch along the waistband seam line (Figure 8). Waistband Seam Line Figure 8 Grandma’s Lace Apron Apron Figure 9 15. Double stitch 10–12 slightly curved lines of random lengths down from

8-inch side (Figure 1); trim batting close to seam. batting /4" 1 Figure 1 2. Flip one fabric side right side up with batting layer between fabric layers. Press and topstitch 1/4 inch from the seam, as shown in Figure 1, to complete a pocket. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with remaining 8 x 7-inch dark red tonal and cotton batting rectangles to complete a second pocket. trace the center twice on one side of the folded fabric, leaving a 1/2-inch margin between shapes. Pin to batting scrap with

fat quarter (or 1/4 yard) each medium and dark green print • 1 fat quarter (or 1/8 yard) red print • 1 fat quarter (or 1/8 yard) gold/red print • 1/4 yard cotton batting • 9-inch square needle-punched insulating batting • 1-inch red button • 1-inch plastic ring • Fabric glue stick • Basic sewing supplies and equipment Cutting From medium green print: • Cut two 81/2-inch diameter circles. From the dark green print: • Cut 11/4 x 30-inch bias binding strip. Note: Refer to Binding in

Figure 2. Repeat to make a total of 12 sunflower petals. Figure 2 3. Arrange the petals in a circle, alternating colors, with narrow ends toward the center (Figure 3). Figure 3 Po t H o l d e r s , P i n c h e r s & M o r e 13 4. Stitch two adjacent petals right sides together, stitching from wide to narrow ends and leaving points free as seen in Figure 4. Press seam open. Repeat sewing petals together to make a circle. /4" 1 Figure 4 5. Center and pin the sunflower petal circle on one

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