Popular Woodworking, Issue 207 (November 2013)

Popular Woodworking, Issue 207 (November 2013)

Language: English

Pages: 68

ISBN: 2:00195584

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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toe tick mark registered with your marking gauge during the mouth layout. Position the spring gauge on the sole and align the popularwoodworking.com ■ 27 body. Use the spring gauge and knife in your lines, then connect the three vertical spring lines along the sole. These are used to define the rabbet cuts that block out the profile. Shape the Throat & Mouth Laid out. The five spring lines are what guides the remaining work. You can also see the midline and how the spring lines relate. gauge

Set the wedge and iron in the plane and tap in the wedge. Wedge beginnings. Affix the wedge stock at the bench on top of a waste piece, then chop and pare the taper to your layout lines. popularwoodworking.com ■ 29 9⁄16" to take the mortise to final depth. Testfit the handle and make any needed adjustments, but don’t install it until the final shaping of the plane body is completed. Top of Abutment Detail the Plane Body 51⁄2" 15˚ Ear formation. Mark where the wedge meets the top of the

drawings and photos about their findings. “Being so far away from Alexander and Trent forced me to write it down. I had to think about it differently and write it down. We’d write a letter. Photocopy it. Mail it. Get the slides duplicated. Pack it all off. It was funny. I used to get great sh*t in the mail.” That correspondence with John (now Jennie) Alexander was the foundation of their 2012 book together, “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree” (Lost Art Press). And their correspondence continues

popularwoodworking.com/nov13 BLOG: Visit Peter Follansbee’s blog for more on 17th-century woodworking. WEB SITE: Learn more about the teamwork and writings of Follansbee and Alexander. TO BUY: Get step-by-step instruction to carve a 17th-century, New England S-scroll. Our products are available online at: ■ ShopWoodworking.com popularwoodworking.com ■ 55 WOODWORKER’S MARKETPLACE CraftsmanStudio.com TOOLS TO BRING OUTT ORK THE BEST IN YOUR WORK CARD #70 or go to PWFREEINFO.COM Authorized

List Manager, F+W Media, Inc. 10151 Carver Road, Suite 200 Blue Ash, OH 45242 Safety Note Safety is your responsibility. Manufacturers place safety devices on their equipment for a reason. In many photos you see in Popular Woodworking Magazine, these have been removed to provide clarity. In some cases we’ll use an awkward body position so you can better see what’s being demonstrated. Don’t copy us. Think about each procedure you’re going to perform beforehand. Assemble Projects the Easy Way

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