Picture Perfect Knits

Picture Perfect Knits

Laura Birek

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 081186068X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Just what the heck is intarsia anyway? One of the most overlooked knitting techniques, intarsia allows knitters to add graphicsthink argyle diamonds or mod motifsto their knits. There's no tricky double stranding and knitters can incorporate intarsia into almost any projectbe it a cozy blanket or tiny mittens. This handy guide includes instructions to make 12 projects plus more than 50 intarsia graphs that can be used to customize almost any knit. Clear instructions, helpful illustrations, and finished project photos make it simple to learn the basics. There are even some blank charts so knitters can invent their own patterns. It's easy. It's fun. And the results are totally picture perfect!

Special guest designers include: Lena Corwin, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, Sarah Neuberger of Small Object, Shannon Okey of Knitgrrl, Denyse Schmidt, and more!

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PEACOCK PAISLEY, PAGE 116 Alice Merlino is the woman behind the craft blog futuregirl.com. She lives in Philadelphia. THE FLY, PAGE 117 Manuela Tinoco is a teacher who learned knitting as a child by observing her neighbor in Portugal, where she lives. YOGA AUM, PAGE 118 Tracy Jen is a knitter, crocheter, and stitcher living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Index acorn, 81 alphabet, 68 anchor, 105 animals birds, 75, 87, 95, 106 butterflies, 98 cats, 110 deer, 95 fly, 117 hedgehog, 94

have a few drawbacks. The other yarns can snag on the bobbin, which can be horribly frustrating when you are trying to navigate a complicated intarsia chart. Bobbins may also slow you down because you have to unwind more yarn almost every row. Butterflies Butterflies are perfect for the minimalists out there. The beauty of butterflies is that they require no additional hardware while still keeping your strands orderly. To make a butterfly, spread your index and middle fingers and wrap the

sts) • Rows 75–80: Begin working intarsia chart while repeating rows 72-73 three times. (53 sts) • Rows 81–83: Work even in stockinette stitch and finish intarsia chart. • Row 84: Repeat row 70. (51 sts) • Rows 85–92: *Work 3 rows even, then repeat Row 70, repeat from *twice more. (45 sts) • Rows 93–110: Work even in stockinette stitch. • BO all sts. STRAPS (MAKE 2): • Pick up 4 stitches on right rear edge of sweater body. • K 40 rows (garter stitch). • BO all sts. • Sew loose end to

between the stitch markers. • Work the remaining 109 rows of the intarsia chart in stockinette stitch. • After finishing the chart, work 8 additional rows in stockinette stitch with MC. • BO loosely. BACK (KNIT OPTION): • With color of your choosing CO 100 sts. • Work even in stockinette stitch for 124 rows, or until piece measures 14 inches. • BO loosely. For knit-back option, you will need: • 1 additional skein in desired color For cloth-backed option, you will need: • 1/2 yard

measuring 15 by 15 inches. • With right sides together, sew around edges with a 1/2-inch seam, leaving a 2-inch opening. Turn panels right sides out and topstitch along opening. FINISHING • Use duplicate stitch to cover any color work missed while knitting the intarsia. • Weave in ends. It isn’t critical to sew in every end, because they will be hidden inside the pillow, but make sure you close any gaps and sew in any ends that might come loose. • Block your knit pieces so they measure 14 by

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