Never Fade Away: The Kurt Cobain Story

Never Fade Away: The Kurt Cobain Story

Dave Thompson

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1250051215

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Never Fade Away is Dave Thompson's inside look at the life of one of the most thought-provoking men of all time - Kurt Cobain. Examining an artisitic genius who was light years ahead of his time, this is an unfailing account of Nirvana's rise and Cobain eventual descent.

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been a shotgun blast to the head; initial reports suggested that the body had lain there for at least a day before it was discovered by a visiting electrician; and there was the distinct possibility that the body, clad in jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and black sneakers, was Cobain’s. That, in a nutshell, was what the city had to go on. But in many ways, it was enough. The body was discovered at 8:40 A.M.; fifty minutes later, local radio station KXRX was broadcasting the news. By 10 A.M., it

them on an enthusiasm which the original songwriters would have scarcely remembered. They were called the Melvins. One evening, Kurt dropped by one of their rehearsals, the first real rock band he had ever seen in person. It was before he met Lukin; Kurt went along at the invitation of a friend of a friend of the Melvins’ first drummer, Mike Dillard. He wasn’t even in ninth grade yet, either, but he was horribly, embarrassingly drunk on wine. He told the band they were wonderful about a million

Courtney thought Vanity Fair magazine wanted with her. True, she was a musician, and one with a fair bit of notoriety behind her. It was also true that Geffen had just united her and Kurt on their own artistic roster, paying a reported $1 million for Hole’s signature. That was worth some press coverage in itself. But Vanity Fair is not known for its in-depth coverage of music industry business affairs; neither was the interviewer, Lynn Hirschberg, widely regarded as one of the Fourth Estate’s

after she discovered she was pregnant? Hirschberg’s reporting was criticized for its misinterpretation and misinformation. Sympathizing with Courtney’s plight, several writers painstakingly highlighted a number of very basic factual errors in the story, mainly names, dates and places. Others drew upon their own experiences with Courtney, remarking upon her own propensity for sarcasm and humor, then questioning the construction Hirschberg seemed to place upon a remark like, “if there ever is a

shotgun; in the report, she described him as armed, and possibly suicidal. But somewhat mysteriously, he was not considered dangerous. Back in L.A., Courtney was voicing similar anxieties. “I’m really afraid for him right now,” she told a friend. In the days that followed, the Seattle police department paid several visits to the Cobains’ Madrona home. There was no sign of life. They would also check out the address on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, where O’Connor claimed her son bought his drugs.

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