Making Designer Freshwater Pearl Jewelry: Techniques and Projects for Creating Classic, Contemporary, and Casual Jewelry

Making Designer Freshwater Pearl Jewelry: Techniques and Projects for Creating Classic, Contemporary, and Casual Jewelry

Nicole Noelle Sherman

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 2:00187987

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Throughout time, people have been fascinated and bewitched by the pearl; its luster, purity, and perfection. It has been featured in jewelry since early civilization and has adorned kings and queens, first ladies, and movie stars. The power of pearls is their remarkable ability to bestow upon the wearer a sense of mystery, elegance, and grace. In contemporary fashion, the technical ability to create new pearl forms in an inexpensive manner has generated an excitement about possibilities of freshwater pearl jewelry. Pearls are not only available in classic round and glistening white form, but in a range of exotic and beautiful colors and shapes. The popularity of the pearl in fashion has never been greater. This is the first jewelry-making book focused on pearls - no longer only seen at church and weddings. The projects range from casual design to bohemian and classic styles, to unique signature pieces in contemporary styles. Chapters cover the development of pearls as a material, their care, proper stringing techniques, an illustrated techniques section, 16 projects and variations, plus a special section on creating jewelry for brides, mother of the bride, and as wedding party accessories and gifts.

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Extravagant Peacock Pearl Multistrand Necklace 4. | To the fifth strand of stringing wire, add peacock coin pearls and amethyst briolettes in the following order: eight peacock coin pearls, three amethyst briolettes, three peacock coin pearls, six amethyst briolettes, twenty-two peacock coin pearls. Set aside. 5. | Take the thinner strand of stringing wire (19 Strand: 0.012” [0.3 mm] diameter) and add all the graduated sapphires, making sure the largest is in the center of the strand.

perfect necklace for a prom, birthday, or bat mitzvah. Simple Geometries Sterling silver triple-rope chain dresses up this necklace, though it can be worn easily with a pair of blue jeans and a turtleneck. Simple freshwater shapes keep the design modern. Party on a Wrist Varying sizes of square freshwater pearls dance with red and pink Swarovski crystals. It’s a perfect holiday bracelet. Princess Necklace White coin pearls accentuated with sapphires and aquamarines evoke a

5 - 7| SIZE, SHAPE, AND COLOR For cultured pearls, a large, perfectly round, white pearl is typically the most valuable. For freshwater pearls, the size, shape, and color are more a matter of personal preference. In general, the rareness of the pearl determines the value. Findings and Stringing Materials Findings are the little incidentals required for completing a piece of jewelry. Without them, we would be left with a good idea but an unwearable one. Findings used for the

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your typical pearl necklace. The materials are high quality, so the necklace can be worn with faded jeans or a stunning black dress. MATERIALS • one 10-mm white square pearl • one 14-mm white coin pearl • twenty-three 5-mm gray pearls • six 10-mm white coin pearls • eight 8-mm white potato pearls • nine 4-mm tanzanite Swarovski crystals • 17” (43.2 cm) of sterling silver 2.3-mm long- and short-link cable chain • additional 6” (15.2 cm) of sterling silver 2.3-mm cable

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