Making Cushions and Pillows: 60 Cushions and Pillows to Sew, Stitch, Knit and Crochet

Making Cushions and Pillows: 60 Cushions and Pillows to Sew, Stitch, Knit and Crochet

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1446304256

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Transform your home in an instant with 60 contemporary cushion designs. Cushions are a quick and easy project but look fantastic and make perfect gifts.

Choose from colourful crocheted designs and knitted intarsia motifs, to cross stitch and embroidered details. Use a variety of different sewing and stitching techniques to create cushions to suit your living space.

Features contemporary as well as cute designs created using a range of different crafts including cross stitch; knitting and crochet. The wide range of designs and motifs will provide endless ideas for all abilities.

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opening with backstitch. If you want to hide the background fabric so that only the roses are visible, sew a small tuck of about 1cm (3⁄8in) between each flower in the seam. Going bananas Materials Front: Natural coloured linen, 7.5 threads per cm, 52 × 52cm (203⁄4 × 203⁄4in) Back: Natural coloured linen, 43 × 52cm (17 x 203⁄4in) and 13 × 52cm (5 × 203⁄4in) Zip 40cm (16in) Yarn DMC mouliné fine yarn Black no. 310, 2 skeins Light pink no. 603, 2 skeins Dark pink no. 602, 1 skein Light

In the corners crochet 3 dc, 3 ch and 3 new dc in the same ch loop. You will need 16 granny squares in total. The colours are spread out from inside to outside, like this: Square 1: C, C, C, A, D, B, A. Square 2: E, E, E, E, E, B, A. Square 3: A, A, A, C, A, E, B. Square 4: B, B, B, C, A, C, A. Square 5: C, C, C, B, C, A, B. Square 6: B, B, B, E, B, C, A. Square 7: B, B, B, C, B, D, A. Square 8: B, B, B, B, B, C, A. Square 9: C, C, C, B, A, C, A. Square 10: A, A, A, C, A, B, A. Square

into next 19 sts, then 2 dc in next st*. Row 18: *1 dc into next 25 sts, then 2 dc in next st*. Row 19: *1 dc into next 30 sts, then 2 dc in next st*. Row 20: *1 dc into next 35 sts, then 2 dc in next st*. Continue this way until it measures 42cm (161⁄2in) in diameter. Rose spiral: Secure the thread in the centre of the circle and crochet 1 sc in the first st on the front side of the work. Continue with 2 dc in each st until you have crocheted 9 rows. Crochet 1 dc in the first st and 2 in

embroidery and knitting are valuable subjects. But needlework techniques strengthen coping skills and the well-being of both children and adolescents, and creativity is a prerequisite for change and progress. Also fine motor skills are learned when striving with needle and thread or sticky knitting needles. Fine motor skills are essential if we want skilled dentists and surgeons in the future. With our desire for a perfect look, it is even more important that the doctors master both tailoring,

squares p and white squares k. Knit the next row in the opposite way: read the diagram from left to right and knit black squares k and white squares p. Alternative description for the first two rows: Row 1: K2 *k1, p3, k3, p3, k3, p3, k1, p3, k3, p3, k3, p3*. Repeat from *to * to the end of the row. Finish with k2. Row 2: P2 *p1, k3, p3, k1, p3, k3, p1, k1, p1, k3, p3, p1, k3, p3, p1, k1*. Repeat from * to * to the end of the row. Finish with p2. Assembly: Sew in all loose threads. Press

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