Linux Voice [UK], Issue 27 (June 2016)

Linux Voice [UK], Issue 27 (June 2016)

Language: English

Pages: 100

ISBN: 2:00358860

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Ubuntu's back with Xenial Xerus (aka 16.04), the latest Long Term Support release. Find out how the new features could make your life easier in our in-depth guide.
Plus: We visit the biggest tech trade fair in the world, discover what's going on with Microsoft and Linux, review the Microbit from the BBC and get to know the new browser technology from Mozilla. In the legendary Linux Voice tutorials section, you can learn to play music through MineCraft, share videos without YouTube, program in Rust and much more.

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Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Disappearing Human-Machine Divide (Topics in Intelligent Engineering and Informatics, Volume 9)

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Financial Management

Learning the Unix Operating System: A Concise Guide for the New User (5th Edition)

Quantum Information and Quantum Computing (Kinki University Series on Quantum Computing, Volume 6)












shelter, but quickly turns into a hugely addictive exercise in multitasking as it grows. It isn’t as deep as This War of Mine story-wise, but it’s far less depressing. 47 REVIEWS BOOKS A Machine Made This Book Ben Everard is a machine that converts noodle soup into words. Author John Whitington Publisher Coherent Press Price $19.99 ISBN 978-0957671126 C omputer science is an odd subject. It’s not really about how computers work, or how to use them.

the Gnome desktop brings a bunch of new features, including: the ability to install OS updates via the Software app, improved support for Wayland, editing functionality in Photos, and new “shortcut windows” that list keyboard shortcuts and multi-touch gestures in Gnome’s various apps. Expect it in the next round of distro updates, and for the full list of changes, check out the release notes: misc/release-notes/3.20 Debian GNU/Linux has included Firefox for many years,

joar/mediagoblin-init-scripts). 77 TUTORIAL MEDIAGOBLIN You can browse media uploaded by other users and arrange them along with your own uploads into collections. PRO TIP To minimise spam disable user registration by changing the allow_registeration = true line to allow_registeration = false in the mediagoblin_local.ini file. ./bin/gmg dbupdate That’s it. Now bring the server online with ./ --server-name=broadcast sudo apt-get install python-gst-1.0 gstreamer1.0- You should

ssh again and cd to /opt/notebooks. You should see an empty directory. If you run the command to start the IPython server from above again and create a new notebook, you’ll see it turn up both inside your VM and on your host. If you're done for the day, you can halt the VM using and try to go to http://localhost:8888 in the browser. You should see the IPython notebook homepage, which means you can now run Python 3 with NumPy (and any other package you install) in your browser by creating a new

Unity’s Dash no longer include online results. Sense prevails! The Unity Dash enables you to search applications and files from the same place. There are two things about Ubuntu 16.04 that may make Ubuntu-haters reconsider their position: online searches are no longer included in the Dash; and Gnome 2 (in the form of Mate) is included for the first time for in an LTS launch since 10.04). While Mate is an official spin, we’ll look at Unity first, as this is still the default desktop environment.

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