Life Hacks: The King of Random’s Tips and Tricks to Make Everyday Tasks Fun and Easy

Life Hacks: The King of Random’s Tips and Tricks to Make Everyday Tasks Fun and Easy

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1629145882

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the past few years, Grant Thompson has spent his weekends starting fires, building cannons, and experimenting with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. He’s made pumpkins explode, defied gravity, and discovered countless ways to make everyday life easier using ordinary items such as butter, suntan lotion, cupcake wrappers, and aluminum foil. His discoveries and experiments, many posted online to sites such as YouTube, have earned him the title of the King of Random.

With the help of the staff at, Thompson has compiled the best of his weekend projects in Life Hacks. With life hacks from the King himself, you’ll see how easy it is to have better summers, less stressful holidays, and cooler—literally—birthday parties.

Following Thompson’s instructions in this book, you’ll be able to:
Make dry ice with a fire extinguisher
Create carbonated ice cream
Start fires with plastic water bottles
Charge your cell phone—using your own energy
Build working speakers for less than $1
And much more

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part is that there’s no mess to clean up! I put a few chunks in a condiment container and screwed on a lid with a vent hole in the cap. When I shook it up, the reaction accelerated and I got a little CO2 geyser rocketing out of the top! The pressure was enough to make me wonder if it could be used to drive a small motor of some sort? I tried making a poor man’s version of liquid nitrogen, which actually flash-froze an orange! The remainder of the dry ice went into making a nice batch of

metal between the electrode tips, then press the button with your thumb for about three or four seconds. The massive electrical current pushing through the metal heats it up to the point where it fuses with the other sheet. You can release your thumb from the switch and wait until the weld cools enough to handle. Welding these metal washers worked so well that I couldn’t break them by hand. I had to use two pairs of pliers to get them to snap. When the energized electrode tips touch

completely, open it up and the first thing you’ll hopefully see is that your white cotton fabric or cotton balls have turned completely black. NOTE: If there are parts that are still white or brown, it’s not cooked completely and needs more time on the fire. To test your batch of char cloth, brush gently with an open flame. The cloth should capture the heat and form a small spark that will continue to smolder for an impressive amount of time. One cotton ball can last a couple of minutes. By

moistened rolled up sock. You can use the barrel from your rocket rifle as a ram-rod to push the wad to the bottom of the barrel. It should be as close to an air-tight fit as you can get. 2. Lubrication: If the barrel is dry, the balloon will pop when it’s fired. This is because of the friction during payload acceleration. I found that using a bit of vegetable oil to coat the sides of the barrel eliminated this problem. It also helps lubricate the diaphragm in the sprinkler valve to prevent

to super-chill four bottles. Remember that the longer the freezer door is open, the more cold air will escape, and it will make your freeze times take much longer because your freezer has to cool down again. I’ve also noticed that the more frozen items you have in your freezer, the faster your soda will chill. In contrast, the fewer items in your freezer, the longer your soda will take to cool. Bottom line is that if you use a consistent environment for your experiments, you’ll get consistent

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