Jackie Robinson: Legends in Sports (Matt Christopher Legends in Sports)

Jackie Robinson: Legends in Sports (Matt Christopher Legends in Sports)

Glenn Stout

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 031610826X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The story of legendary Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball, is recounted in this title.

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the other Dodgers expected support from one another when they struggled, Robinson knew that he would have to earn his teammates’ respect. He also knew that if he didn’t succeed on the field, it might be years before another African American received a chance to play in the majors. With that in mind, he was determined to live up to his promise to Branch Rickey to turn the other cheek, no matter how angry he became or how uncomfortable he was made to feel. Failure to succeed — in any way — simply

his last, he had fought and hustled and tried just as hard as he possibly could. He had never taken the easy way out before, and he wasn’t about to now. As soon as he saw the ball bounce free, he took off, running as hard as he possibly could. Berra threw the ball quickly to first base, and Robinson was out, but he didn’t stop running hard until he was past first base. Only then did he slow down, turn, and jog back to his teammates amid the Yankees celebration. His baseball career was over. But

practice one day, only to be turned away by another officer, who told him he would have to play for the “colored team.” When he asked about the colored team, he was told there was no such team. Another racial incident occurred later that fall. At that time, many military bases around the country were forming football teams. The teams would play one another to entertain the troops. The base commanders took the competition very seriously — so seriously, in fact, that they were willing to play an

would have any other ballplayer. In fact, the manager would soon become one of Robinson’s biggest supporters. According to baseball tradition, a batter who homers is greeted with a handshake by the next hitter. Robinson didn’t know whether George Shuba would shake the hand of an African American. But as Robinson reached home, Shuba held out his hand for Jackie to shake. Incredibly, it was the first time in the modern history of baseball that a white hand had clasped a black hand to offer

baseman threw to first, Robinson turned around and dashed to third, beating a return throw from the first baseman. Now he was only 90 feet from home plate. As the pitcher took the stretch position, Robinson danced off base. Three times the pitcher threw to third, and three times Robinson scrambled back in time. But after each throw, he stretched his lead out a little more. Then, midway through his motion on his fourth pitch attempt, the pitcher thought he saw Robinson break for the plate. He

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