Inca Knits: Designs Inspired by South American Traditions

Inca Knits: Designs Inspired by South American Traditions

Marianne Isager

Language: English

Pages: 215

ISBN: 2:00344750

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Incorporating the vibrant style of ancient Incan knitting with a nod to contemporary trends, this new collection of knitwear designs features 25 garments that bring the vibrant and geometric motifs of the South American tradition to the 21st century. By innovatively combining knit-and-purl techniques in lightweight yarns, the stunning colors, stripes, and zigzags of South American patterns are complemented by subtle textures. All the featured projects are suitable for any intermediate knitter, with instructions and charts for each pattern as well as a glossary to clarify various knitting techniques. Beyond its instructional role, this guide also directs knitters to find inspiration for their own designs by examining the landscape, wildlife, and pottery of the high Andes.

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(cn) and hold in back, k2 with B, k2 from cn with B, k1 with A. Rep Rnds 1–6 for patt. Left-Cross Cable (worked over 6 sts and 4 rnds, shown on sweater worn by model) Rnds 1–3: K1 with A, k4 with B, k1 with A. Rnd 4: K1 with A, sl 2 sts onto cable needle (cn) and hold in front, k2 with B, k2 from cn with B, k1 with A. Rep Rnds 1–4 for patt. Vertical Stripes (worked over an odd number of sts) All rnds: *K1 with B, k1 with A; rep from * to last st, k1 with B. Rep this rnd for

completed. With B5, knit 2 rows, inc 0 (4) sts evenly spaced in second row—90 (110) sts; 6 garter ridges total; piece measures about 1" (2.5 cm) from CO. With B1, work in St st for 6 rows, knitting first and last st of each row (see Notes), and placing markers (pm) on each side of center 70 (80) sts in last row—10 (15) sts on each side of marked center sts. Note: When working in patt from Labyrinth charts, work the sts on each side of the marked center sts as shown by “side sts” on charts. The

to B and work 2 rows in St st (knit on RS, purl on WS). Change to A and knit 1 RS row, then knit 1 WS row inc 7 (7, 9, 9) sts evenly spaced—107 (115, 123, 131) sts; piece measures about 2½" (6.5 cm) from CO. Set-up row: (RS) K1 (selvedge st, see Notes), work Row 1 of Andes chart over center 105 (113, 121, 129) sts, k1 (selvedge st). Keeping 1 garter selvedge st at each side, work Rows 2–30 of chart once, then rep Rows 1–30 of chart 4 times, then work Rows 1–26 once more—176 chart rows total;

for the next tier of blocks as shown—piece measures about 11 (14½)" (28 [37] cm) from CO. DIVIDE FOR FRONT AND BACK Cut off B/C and join C/E in preparation to beg the next tier of blocks. On the next RS row, sl 1 pwise wyf, work two 25 (33)-st right-front blocks in patt for next tier as shown, BO 50 (66) sts of next block for right armhole by working each knit/purl pair as k2tog 25 (33) times with both colors (all 4 strands) held tog and working the first st of the foll block using one

double-knitting layers tog. Join left shoulder sts in the same manner—51 (67) sts at outer edge of each front and 50 (66) sts at center back rem on holders. SLEEVES With longer cir needle and colors A/D and C/E, CO 104 (136) sts with all 4 strands held tog. Set-up row: (WS) *[With A/D knit the A/D loops of the CO st and leave it on the left needle, bring both yarns to front, then with C/E purl the C/E loops of the same CO st, sl the CO st off the left needle, and take both yarns to the

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