Hunted (Medusa Project, Book 4)

Hunted (Medusa Project, Book 4)

Sophie McKenzie

Language: English

Pages: 122

ISBN: 2:00338777

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dylan, the daughter of the scientist who created the Medusa gene for psychic powers, has never felt she really fits into the crime-fighting Medusa Project. But then she makes a discovery about her father's death which changes everything. As she and the other Medusa teens search for the truth, Dylan meets Harry - a boy who seems to know more about Dylan's past than she does. But can Dylan trust him? While Dylan searches for the mysterious legacy that her father has left her from beyond the grave, her dad's killer closes in. But just how far is the murderer prepared to go to keep Dylan from finding out the truth?

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work, but discovered nothing. After half an hour or so, Alex called us out for our morning training session. It was really sunny now and despite all my anxieties, I found myself enjoying the exercises we did. Nico and I were paired up to practise our respective psychic skills and we had a blast. At the end of the session we had to go over the correct positions for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Nico, of course, wanted to do this with Ketty, but Alex made him work with Ed. I don’t think either of

taking my arm. ‘The rest of us were outside on the landing.’ I took a few careful steps. As we reached the front door, there was another thud from Henson’s bedroom. We both turned towards the sound. Nico and Ed appeared with their backs towards us at the top of the stairs. Nico had both arms stretched in front of him, as if he were trying to push something away. Beside him stood Ed, the huge, serrated-edged knife I’d seen in the weapons box in his hand. ‘Run!’ Ketty cried. I opened the front

genius, don’t you, Dylan?’ I looked away. I’d been told this before and I’d never really known what to make of it. ‘Well, he wasn’t just a genius. He was a passionate man, with a strong sense of justice. And he was a good boss, too. I was very fond of him.’ ‘What about Mom? How did you meet her? When? Where?’ Laura’s frown deepened. ‘Did your Aunt Patrice not tell you anything?’ I shook my head. ‘I never heard of you,’ I said. ‘I mean, I didn’t know about Jack before he turned up and no one

see you, Dylan. I tried to visit, I sent presents and photos, but Patrice returned them all. I attempted to take her to court over that as well. I argued you had a right to see me. I was your godmother. But you were in America and the lawyers were very expensive, and when I went out to see you, she actually threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave . . .’ She tailed off, tears in her eyes. I put my hand on hers. ‘At least we’ve met now,’ I said. ‘Even though it is . . . like this.’ Laura

Nico, Ketty and Ed. As Laura walked over to her car, I stared at the damp grass, bracing myself. Harry was about to leave. And then he walked right up to me. ‘Hey, Red,’ he said. ‘Come with me for a sec.’ I could feel Nico, Ed and Ketty staring at us, but I kept my eyes on Harry, following him past the trees and into a clearing near some large bushes. As soon as we were out of sight, Harry grabbed my hand. My stomach flipped over. ‘I could come with you, Red,’ he said. ‘I can hack into IT

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