Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers

Rob Byrnes

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 1602825785

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Grant Lambert and Chase LaMarca—partners in life and crime—learn that $7 million in not-so-petty cash is hidden in the safe of a rightwing mega-church, they assemble a team of gay and lesbian criminals to infiltrate the church and steal the money. But this Gang That Can’t Do Anything Straight quickly finds its plans complicated by corrupt congressmen (and their gay aides); an “ex-gay” conference; an FBI investigation; the unexpected appearance of a long-lost relative; and—most jarring for these born-and-bred New Yorkers—life in the northern Virginia suburbs. And then there is Dr. Oscar Hurley—founder of the church—and his right-hand man, the Rev. Dennis Merribaugh, who prove themselves every bit as adept as the professionals when it comes to larceny…

The Door Between (Ellery Queen Detective, Book 12)


Glass Rainbow












house’s interior; left-center, a carpeted stairway led downstairs. “I don’t know if I can handle this many ways in and out and up and down,” said Grant. “Think of ’em as escape routes,” said Chase. “I guess if we have to hole up, this is as good as it’s gonna get.” Farraday selected the opening under the center archway to start his exploration of the house, then made a sharp left. Chase followed. “Yeah, you only wish you could live in a place like this.” Grant followed Chase. “I know I do.”

keep coming back. If that happens, let me or Malcolm know. Dr. Bradean on August Morning Lane is a grief counselor, and I’m sure she can help.” “Uh…thanks.” “Anyway,” Tish squared her shoulders and continued, forcing chipperness into her voice, “the reason I’m here is because of the lawn.” He showed a tiny bit of teeth between his lips. Grant Lambert wasn’t used to smiling, so he hoped it looked friendly. It didn’t. “You wanted it neatened up, and we did it.” “You did…well, something.” She

dollars.” $ $ $ Later, over dinner, Jared was enthusiastic about the conference, although maybe for the wrong reason. “Chase says an ex-gay conference is the perfect place to find sex! And if the guys aren’t hot, they won’t be telling people and ruining my reputation.” Grant shook his head at Chase before turning his attention back to Jared. “You worry about your reputation? Go figure.” Constance ran her fork through a spear of broccoli. “Farraday, this hollandaise sauce is fantastic.”

Farraday down the narrow, musty stairway. “Yup.” That cousin, Leonard Platt, was sitting on a threadbare couch in Farraday’s tiny apartment, distractedly bouncing one leg and playing with the knot in his tie. Grant wondered why he’d bothered wearing a tie at all, let alone on a hot day in an apartment without air-conditioning, but let it slide. It wasn’t the quirkiest thing he’d ever seen on this side of the law. Or on the other side, for that matter. Farraday introduced Grant to Leonard and

preacher from his sport coat, short of asking to try it on. And while he would have done that, it would have been icky. When the bathroom door was closed—but not, Jared noted, locked—he removed Merribaugh’s wallet from the sport coat and shoved it deep between the mattress and box spring. He perched on top of it and practiced his smiles in the mirror until he finally heard a flush, followed by water running in the sink. And then Merribaugh was back. “Okay, Brooks Brothers.” He grabbed the sport

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